Family’s & Marriages

I’m due to get married in April. Everythings going smoothly, things all being done well ahead of time blah blah blah

The guest list has been sorted for ages and invites all sent out. We’ve invited pretty much only family as I have a large family (split in two due to divorce, with parents who hate each other!!). We have invited some close friends.

One of these friends is my older brothers best friend. He’s been like a brother to me all these years, any troubles, I could go to him etc. He’s asked if he could bring his girlfriend (I didn’t know he had one) and he’s happy to pay for her (as he knows our money is tight) I agreed and thats pissed my other half off in a big way!! I’ve gone behind her back, she said we had to finalise who was coming first etc. due to table numbers. So now she’s got the hump with me.

To make matters worse, my dad has called me a few times asking if his wife’s son could bring his girlfriend. Now, you may see this as double standards, but I told him I’d have to wait and see what the numbers were etc as I couldn’t afford more people.  I would have given in in the end and said fine (as with the above case) but I’ve never met this girl and I don’t like being bullied into something I don’t want to do!!

So my dad calls me this morning asking if she can come if they pay for her. (Remember how furious my other half is for me saying yes already) So I tell him they have to wait until everyone has return their rsvp and we know table numbers etc. He tells me if she can’t come, then the wife’s son won’t come either, thus meaning my nan and aunt can’t come as he’s supposed to bring them (I live in Southampton and they live in London). Nothing like being blackmailed by your father at 7.30am to start your day!

So now I’m stuck. On the one hand, I really want my nan and aunt to see me get married but on the other hand, I refuse to be blackmailed by these pieces of shit! Couple that with my girlfriend wanting to cut my heart out and feed it to me, I’m having a perfect start to my day.

Now comes the stress of work and year end!!


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