Fantasy World or Just Need a Change?

Have you ever thought about living in a fantasy world? I’m sure you must have, even if it’s only having a super model partner, billions in the bank etc.

The lives we seem to lead these days are so dull and monotonous that it’s almost impossible for us not to sit there and secretly dream we were someone else in some other time and place.

My personal one is I’m living in a fantasy world, the kind of place you’d expect to see Conan the Barbarian live. There are wizards and heroes and evil emporers trying to take over the world etc. magic flying all over the shop, adventures being had left right and centre…… You get the picture. I’m a wandering man, with just my sword, a long walking staff (which obviously turns into a weapon in my fearsome hands), my wit and cunning and my wolf partner. I’d travel all over, from place to place, looking for adventure, rescuing the damsel in distress, taking down the wicked witch…..

Pretty far fetch, but it keeps me sane and we all need dreams (granted, most others are a little more realistic than mine!!)

Now my point is this. Is it good for us to have these fantasy worlds or is it a sign that we are not happy with our lives? Obviously, we can’t change the everyday things like taxes, bills etc. but what we can do, is the little things to try and spark up our lives!

When was the last time you did something totally spontaneous and just for fun? Woke up one morning, turned to your other half and said “let’s go horse riding!” when you’ve never been in your life.

It sounds like an extract from the film Yes Man (which I’ve never seen) but I think we all need to do a few things which will make our lives FANTASTIC:

  1. Do one thing each day which is totally crazy, spontaneous and out of charecter
  2. Wake up each morning, look in the mirror and say “Today is a good day” and keep saying to yourself over and over during the day
  3. Say hello to a random stranger on the street, spread the love. if your happiness and cheeriness rubs off on just one person, it was worth it.

I think we’d all find our fantasy worlds slipping away pretty quickly (except the one about the billions in the bank that is, can’t let go of ALL the dreams now, can we?)


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