Pulled at my Heart Strings

I’ve just seen a picture that has really tugged at my heart strings and made me well up a wee bit.

I’m sure you’ve all heard about the bush fires in Oz and the devastation to homes and towns, but have you sat back and thought about the wildlife effect by this? We’re always reporting about peoples homes and posses ions being lost, but never for one moment think about the natural implications.

Well, one guy did. He’s a firefighter battling the blazes. In this picture, you can see him sharing the small bottle of water he has with an injured koala.

Firefighter rescues Koala

Firefighter rescues Koala

Just seeing the connection between man and animal here is fantastic. The koala almost knows that he’s there to help him, that he’s trying to stop this devastation from continuing. Definitely a good argument for animal intelligence in my book.


Yes, I’m finally doing it…… I’M GETTING AN I-PHONE!!

As you can tell, I’m a little excited at this prospect. I admit to loving gadgets. If there is something new out, I want it. True, I never normally get it because just as I’m about to hand over the cold hard cash, my sensible button gets pushed, I realise I won’t actually use it properly and I save my money and walk away (only to go and drink the money on a Saturday night). But this time, it’s different.

I’ve been looking at the i-phone since it came out. The first incarnation didn’t appeal to me as it really didn’t seem that special. However, with the advent of the 3G version, I have to admit to have felt a twang when I read about it.

So I’ve left it this long to see if the twang of wanting it would disappear, as with all my other fads. In honesty, since researching a bit more on the apps and features of it, I probably want it more now. It also helps that I feel Orange (my current network provider) is definitely screwing me somewhere along the line.

So Orange has been cancelled and the I-Phone will be purchased as soon as my PAC code (this enables me to keep my number) comes through. I’ll truly be living in the 21st century with mobile internet, GPS and of course…… 24/7 access to my blog!!!

Bad Luck and Bankers

Well, this has got to be the most random day as far as news goes. We have the British bankers (although at present we should substitute the B for a W) trying to prove they are worth serveral £million bonuses and then apologising, half of Australia is on fire, half of Britain is under water (frozen or otherwise) and it appears that the new way to get your political view across is to throw shoes at World Leaders.

Lets start with the devistating fires blazing across Australia. Wow, I can’t get my head round it. What seems like a whole country is on fire! I know they have bush fires there all the time, but this is something else. All those poor people who can do nothing but look on as their entire worldly possessions are incinerated….. breaks the heart, it really does. I think the most distressing thing about this whole problem is the claim some of these fires were started by people! Who in their right mind would want to destroy so many lives, homes and communities? There are some sick and twisted people out there guys.

The banking crisis in Britain is making me laugh (if I didn’t, I think I’d cry!) Every day of our lives, we look to these giant banks and think they are infallible, impenetrable and totally secure. What we didn’t realise was they were being run by performing monkey’s!! It appears the chimps who used to smoke fags on the PG tips adverts had more financial brains than these guys. Ok, that may be harsh, but surely they could see the potential for some pretty big questions should their bonus scheme’s ever make the public eye. Granted, I doubt any of them thought for one second that their bank would be in such a predicament, but still, they could have covered things over just a little better.

Not that it matters, they’ll never give the money back, they’ve pretty much all “retired” of sorts and are enjoying their bonuses while we all suffer their fuck ups. But they said sorry………… Ok, we forgive you………

A man is in court today after throwing a shoe at the Chinese PM the other week while he was visiting London. Are we totally surrounded by muppets?! Ok, his reason was human rights, Tibet blah blah blah, which I fully support. But what the fuck is throwing your shoe at a world leader going to accomplish? All it did was make him look a total lemon in the national papers, give him a wet sock to walk home in and probably a hefty fine for it. And what did he achieve? Zip! He couldn’t even throw it straight and hit the guy!! At least the Iraqi plank who threw his shoe at Bush had it on target!

Total Fear

This is not a good day for me. I have to leave work early (which is always a bonus) and go to the doctors and have an injection for my honeymoon.

On the face of it, this is hardly a major drama. In the grand scheme of things, what with having a recession, people starving in the world and dying for needless causes, this is pretty fucking minute. However….. I’m petrified of needles.

How, you may ask, have I managed to have four tattoo’s? Thats simple. To have a tattoo, I don’t need to have an injection. The amount of times I get asked that is unbelieveable!! I have a phobia of injections. Not the pain they cause or the sensation of something going into me (although I DO NOT like that feeling) but a simple phobia.

Take people who are scared of spiders. I will guarantee 90% of people who say they are scared of spiders have never been bitten by one or in anyway harmed by one. But still, they are scared of them. Same goes for me.

I am a little embarressed about being such a wuss. I went to visit my mum yesterday and she had my brother round and sister and my niece and nephew. Now, my nephew isn’t very well at the minute. The other week he had to have a blood test (he’s only 4). So we’re all sat around the lounge yesterday chatting away, when the subject of my forthcoming date with fear came up. I had to sit there and say, infront of my nephew, how scared I was. He said he didn’t even say ouch!!! And blood tests are supposed to be worse than a simple innoculation injection!!

Still, I’m sure he understands. I now just to have to hope that my courage holds out long enough and keep telling myself this is for my honeymoon!


People can be so selfish and self centred.

I’m hardly a saint, but I like to help people and make other people happy as much as I can, often at my own expensive. But it seems like it never gets it reciprocated.

I know they say you shouldn’t give to receive, but every now and again, it’s nice. Appreciation is nice.  Otherwise, it makes you feel used and a little black lump starts to form inside you and continually grows, feeding on all the bad thins around you until it finally consumes you. Then you stop giving so much, little by little, and people start saying what a bastard you are or your so selfish.

You can never win. The Buddhists obviously have it all wrong. That Kama bollocks certainly isn’t going round where I’m living!!


It’s no secret I’ve been feeling down lately. What with one thing and another going on, I’ve really been struggling to get up and motivate myself to get on with things. As a result, my training in San Da has suffered, my work has suffered and my other half is taking a tongue lashing every time she asks me something.

But I’m feeling good today!

Just before Christmas, my mum said she wanted to take the whole family away on holiday (me and Carla, my brother and his mrs, my sister and brother-in-law and my niece and nephew). Great idea in theory. However, things are never that simple, especially with my family!

But it seems she’s pulling it off. Sent me all the details of where we’re staying and when and said she’s booking it on Saturday.

As I’ve previously stated, the company I work for are….. awkward at the best of times (considering I pretty much had to fight tooth and nail to get two weeks holiday for my honeymoon!!), so I was dubious at best that they would allow me the time off for this on top of my honeymoon. On telling my mum this, she proceeded to give me the guilt trip she’s mastered over the last 25 years of my life. This pissed me off, so the fiancee and dog suffered last night (with me being silent and sullen that is).

But low and behold, I’ve been authorised the holiday time!! I’m well chuffed!! It feels like a little light has been switched on and things will be ok eventually. I’ve got my honeymoon to look forward to in April (not saying where incase she reads it, as it’s a surprise), I’m going away for the weekend in Feb to Dartmoor for a romantic weekend away, got my stag do to Berlin in April, weekend to myself in March when Carla’s on her hen do and now a fortnight in Egypt at the end of November.

Not too bad a deal I guess……