It’s no secret I’ve been feeling down lately. What with one thing and another going on, I’ve really been struggling to get up and motivate myself to get on with things. As a result, my training in San Da has suffered, my work has suffered and my other half is taking a tongue lashing every time she asks me something.

But I’m feeling good today!

Just before Christmas, my mum said she wanted to take the whole family away on holiday (me and Carla, my brother and his mrs, my sister and brother-in-law and my niece and nephew). Great idea in theory. However, things are never that simple, especially with my family!

But it seems she’s pulling it off. Sent me all the details of where we’re staying and when and said she’s booking it on Saturday.

As I’ve previously stated, the company I work for are….. awkward at the best of times (considering I pretty much had to fight tooth and nail to get two weeks holiday for my honeymoon!!), so I was dubious at best that they would allow me the time off for this on top of my honeymoon. On telling my mum this, she proceeded to give me the guilt trip she’s mastered over the last 25 years of my life. This pissed me off, so the fiancee and dog suffered last night (with me being silent and sullen that is).

But low and behold, I’ve been authorised the holiday time!! I’m well chuffed!! It feels like a little light has been switched on and things will be ok eventually. I’ve got my honeymoon to look forward to in April (not saying where incase she reads it, as it’s a surprise), I’m going away for the weekend in Feb to Dartmoor for a romantic weekend away, got my stag do to Berlin in April, weekend to myself in March when Carla’s on her hen do and now a fortnight in Egypt at the end of November.

Not too bad a deal I guess……


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