People can be so selfish and self centred.

I’m hardly a saint, but I like to help people and make other people happy as much as I can, often at my own expensive. But it seems like it never gets it reciprocated.

I know they say you shouldn’t give to receive, but every now and again, it’s nice. Appreciation is nice.  Otherwise, it makes you feel used and a little black lump starts to form inside you and continually grows, feeding on all the bad thins around you until it finally consumes you. Then you stop giving so much, little by little, and people start saying what a bastard you are or your so selfish.

You can never win. The Buddhists obviously have it all wrong. That Kama bollocks certainly isn’t going round where I’m living!!


2 thoughts on “Selfish

  1. You had a good thing going there. Maybe we should choose whom we help so that they know how to at least show appreciation in kind. Some people are so dense that they don’t see kindness when they receive it.

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