Total Fear

This is not a good day for me. I have to leave work early (which is always a bonus) and go to the doctors and have an injection for my honeymoon.

On the face of it, this is hardly a major drama. In the grand scheme of things, what with having a recession, people starving in the world and dying for needless causes, this is pretty fucking minute. However….. I’m petrified of needles.

How, you may ask, have I managed to have four tattoo’s? Thats simple. To have a tattoo, I don’t need to have an injection. The amount of times I get asked that is unbelieveable!! I have a phobia of injections. Not the pain they cause or the sensation of something going into me (although I DO NOT like that feeling) but a simple phobia.

Take people who are scared of spiders. I will guarantee 90% of people who say they are scared of spiders have never been bitten by one or in anyway harmed by one. But still, they are scared of them. Same goes for me.

I am a little embarressed about being such a wuss. I went to visit my mum yesterday and she had my brother round and sister and my niece and nephew. Now, my nephew isn’t very well at the minute. The other week he had to have a blood test (he’s only 4). So we’re all sat around the lounge yesterday chatting away, when the subject of my forthcoming date with fear came up. I had to sit there and say, infront of my nephew, how scared I was. He said he didn’t even say ouch!!! And blood tests are supposed to be worse than a simple innoculation injection!!

Still, I’m sure he understands. I now just to have to hope that my courage holds out long enough and keep telling myself this is for my honeymoon!


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