Bad Luck and Bankers

Well, this has got to be the most random day as far as news goes. We have the British bankers (although at present we should substitute the B for a W) trying to prove they are worth serveral £million bonuses and then apologising, half of Australia is on fire, half of Britain is under water (frozen or otherwise) and it appears that the new way to get your political view across is to throw shoes at World Leaders.

Lets start with the devistating fires blazing across Australia. Wow, I can’t get my head round it. What seems like a whole country is on fire! I know they have bush fires there all the time, but this is something else. All those poor people who can do nothing but look on as their entire worldly possessions are incinerated….. breaks the heart, it really does. I think the most distressing thing about this whole problem is the claim some of these fires were started by people! Who in their right mind would want to destroy so many lives, homes and communities? There are some sick and twisted people out there guys.

The banking crisis in Britain is making me laugh (if I didn’t, I think I’d cry!) Every day of our lives, we look to these giant banks and think they are infallible, impenetrable and totally secure. What we didn’t realise was they were being run by performing monkey’s!! It appears the chimps who used to smoke fags on the PG tips adverts had more financial brains than these guys. Ok, that may be harsh, but surely they could see the potential for some pretty big questions should their bonus scheme’s ever make the public eye. Granted, I doubt any of them thought for one second that their bank would be in such a predicament, but still, they could have covered things over just a little better.

Not that it matters, they’ll never give the money back, they’ve pretty much all “retired” of sorts and are enjoying their bonuses while we all suffer their fuck ups. But they said sorry………… Ok, we forgive you………

A man is in court today after throwing a shoe at the Chinese PM the other week while he was visiting London. Are we totally surrounded by muppets?! Ok, his reason was human rights, Tibet blah blah blah, which I fully support. But what the fuck is throwing your shoe at a world leader going to accomplish? All it did was make him look a total lemon in the national papers, give him a wet sock to walk home in and probably a hefty fine for it. And what did he achieve? Zip! He couldn’t even throw it straight and hit the guy!! At least the Iraqi plank who threw his shoe at Bush had it on target!


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