Marylin Monroe Gets Man-Flu

It’s been a while since I last posted (No excuses really as I now have the app on my iPhone that lets me access, post and read my blog!) so I thought I’d be a typical man and tell you all how rough I’m feeling today.

I went out last Friday for my stag do with the rugby boys (proper stag weekend to Berlin is coming up). As I’m sure you would have gathered, they got me extremely drunk (although a few comments were made at how much I put away and how well I did) and dressed me as Marylin Monroe with green fairy wings. This was fine while we were in the rugby club. However, come leaving the club for the town centre, the weather got decidedly colder and wearing a thin dress and thong and not much else leaves you VERY cold.


Suffice to say, I don’t remember much of the night and Sunday and Monday was a write off. Tuesday comes and I’m sniffling and snorting and feeling like death warmed up.

I’m now sat at work, coughing my right lung up, nose feels like the blackwall tunnel at rush hour and my head feels like it’s been stamped on. Women moan about child birth, they should try man-flu!!


2 thoughts on “Marylin Monroe Gets Man-Flu

  1. larly says:

    Hey, your man flu has hopefully gone by now, when we go thro childbirth we´ve had nine months lead up to it and then who knows how many hours of pain. I think its easier to put up with a pregnant woman for 9 months than a man flu patient for a week!! great peice, you´re bloggin is really entertaining.
    Keep well


    • Dan Wade says:

      Yeah, it’s finally gone. I thought I was a goner at one point though!!! Luckily, you ladies only have to put up with childbirth. If you caught man-flu, you’d probably be done for!!

      Thanks for the compliment on my blog. I’ll keep it up as long as you keep on reading!!


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