I’ve just come back from a friends childs dedication. I was at a total loss as to what the hell this was as I’ve been brought up a Catholic so know baptism and christenings.

So we get to the church and it’s one of these new age churches with a rock band and ministers dressed in jeans. As I said previously, I’m a catholic so I’m used to praying in silence, a priest and singing hymns. This place was totally different. Hands were in the air, whooping at things people said and lots of “praise Jesus”. I felt a little awkward if I’m honest. I’m quite a reserved person (until a few beers of course). But I could see the attraction.

I look at people with faith and envy them sometimes. To have such an unwavering belief that all will work out if you behave and abide by the rules must be a fantastic feeling.

However, I look at it the other side too. Religion is a dangerous thing. Suicide bombers, hate groups against gays/soldiers/single mothers, brain washing, it’s all so degrotary to society and mutual human life.

So how can something that gives so much joy also bring so much pain?


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