BNP on Question Time

I’m sitting here watching the BBC Question Time program. It’s caused so much contraversy due to the leader of the BNP being allowed to sit on the panel.

I’m trying really hard to give him a fair hearing, but when he makes comments about “British indiginous people being around for 17,000 years” I have to laugh!!! This man is, at the end of the day, representing our country in Europe. Considering the Celtic people came to Britain from France, followed by the Romans (Italian), then come the Germanic Anglo-Saxons, mixed with a few Scandinavian Vikings, then finishing with the Norman (French) invasion, I find it difficult to find where the indiginous british have gone!

He then is questioned about denying the holocaust. He only says he doesn’t deny it because of European law. Surely being part of the BRITISH National Party, he surely shouldn’t care what Europe thinks. I’m just disgusted that he didn’t come out and say that the holocaust happened. Who could ever say such a thing!?!?!

But with that in mind, he is the only one giving straight answers. True they are total rubbish, but the other politicians are skirting round questions and just frustrating me.

So it appears to me we have a choice: a straight shooting, complete idiotic, single minded bigot or underhanded, untrustworthy, self centred liars.

You’ve got to LOVE politics.


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