New Year, New Start??

Just looking on facebook all I see is people saying “happy new year” or “goodbye 09, welcome10, got to be better!” but does a new year really mean a new start?

You live your life as you should, as you believe you should, so will things really change with a new year? After all, work, bills, taxes, etc will still be there.

In my humble opinion, the only way to fully bring in a new start is to TOTALLY change your life. New job, new home, new outlook. I don’t believe you can start again in the same place/situation that you’ve been in as history will always be there to drag you back again.

Take it from someone who did this a few years back. I was living the life of drink and partying, but I couldn’t keep going. I moved and changed my life. Now I’ve seen a lot of the world, loving wife, baby on the way and the whole of my life ahead of me.

If you’re going to do it, CHANGE IT BIG TIME!!!!

Hunter-Gatherer Lifestyle

I have just finished reading an article in the December National Geographic magazine entitled “The Hadza”. The journalist had managed to arrange to go and spend some time with the Hadza hunter-gatherer people in Tanzania.

Just reading through the article got my imagination running. What would it be like to live totally off the land? Absolutely no worries other than food or safety. Granted, two VERY big worries, but when you live in a community that looks after each other (and most animals fearing humans) these worries don’t seem too large.

Quite the opposite seems true. If you know where to look for things, when you work together and don’t over do it on the consumtion side, life could work well.

However, the journalist does make some very good cons. Medical help is non-existent past berries and herbs, births would take place in bushes and infant mortality would be pretty high. But this would keep the human population down, thus saving the planet and all the other life forms a lot of pain, social problems would be eradicated, war would not take place, social disease would be minute and wealth (the root of all evil) would be meaningless. Sounds like heaven to me.

According to Jared Diamond, a UCLA professor and writer, turning from hunter-gatherer ti agriculture is nothing less than “the worst mistake in human history”. After Reading how the Hadza live, I agree with him!!! The Hadza don’t fight wars, as they have nothing to fight for. They share their hunts and berries. They have no hierachy at all, therefore no egos to stroke or positions to be envied, men and women have very defined roles, bur neither being more important than the other, no religious rules or Gods to kill for. I’m failing to see a single bad point in this type of living.

This way of life was there at the very beginning of mankind. It is what made us. It has served these people well since the dawn if our species. But unfortunately, I fear it won’t last. Modernity will creep in, arsehole selfish bastards will either force them from their land, change the land so they can’t live on it, or just plain exploit them in some way. Then this amazing people will vanish into modern slavery like the rest of us, but worse as we will look down on them.

I know that I’d never be able to live like this as I don’t have their knowledge and to give up my cushy life would be laughable, however, this doesn’t stop me wishing I’d been born into it or wishing the entire world would leave these people alone to live their perfect lifes in peace.

But, they have survived tens of thousands of years this way. Hopefully they’ll out live us too!

Whatever Happened to the Nativity Play?

My niece has a Christmas play tomorrow. I can’t go as parents only, which is fine, but it got me to wondering if it’s a traditional nativity play or not.

It seems to me that the old tradition of a schools Christmas nativity play has died. Everywhere I turn, it’s a “holiday play” or “school play”, never Christmas or nativity play. This, it seems, is so everyone can join in, regardless of faith.

Now I’m all up for living together and sharing etc. but I find this a total disgrace!! Christmas is a Christian time for christian faiths. Why would Hindu’s, Jews, Muslims, or atheists want to be a part? And why should we lose a tradition and part of our faith so others can join in? I don’t ask Muslims to change their eating habits during Ramadam, or ask Hindu’s to adjust their celebrations during Divali.

I hope people don’t see this as a dig at any religion or belief. I love the variety and spice different people and cultures have and I think that’s what makes humanity such an amazing thing. It’s a dig at mindless bureaucrats who have changed our way of life so as not to upset anyone.

The point is Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus. The nativity is a way to teach this story to children. If you change this, you change the meaning of Christmas. If you change the meaning of Christmas, then you change the whole being of Christmas. If you do that, then what the fuck do we spend £100’s on every bloody year?

The Nativity play was central to my Christmas growing up at school and it upsets me that my niece, my newly born nephew and my unborn child might not get to enjoy the joys and fun i had with the Nativity play. What’s next to go, the Christmas Carol service?!?!?

Meaning of Christmas

I’m a catholic. Not an avid one, I don’t go to church or stuff, but I do believe. But what I believe in more is the good spirit of Christmas.

I’m sat at an outdoor German Market in the middle of Southampton freezing cold and enjoying a nice cold german beer. Sounds strange but I’m listening to some people playing Christmas carols on brass instruments (probably sally army), looking at students dressed up collecting for charity, people happy and think this is the meaning if christmas.

Now I know it’s to celebrate the birth if Jesus and that is close to my heart, but if people forgot all about that and still celebrated Christmas for being a time of family, joy and giving, would Jesus be that upset?? His message was love one another. Surely that’s what Christmas is all about. Love.

I’m probably going to get some born again Christian email me abuse now, or the pope excommunicate me, but I don’t care. I am of the opinion that if we enjoy christmas, keep true to the spirit of loving, giving and sharing, then God and Jesus will find their way back into it. After all, doesn’t the bible say God Is Love??

Green Mile

Classic film I’m sure you’ll all agree. I’ve seen it several times but every time I fall asleep before the end!!!!! I’m just watching it now and hoping I make the distance when I started thinking.

John Coffey (the same as the drink but not spelt the same) was banged up and sentenced to death. But was he guilty?? (please don’t tell me incase I STILL don’t see the end) If yes, then fine, fry him. If not, what a miscarriage of justice!!! And this was what started the thinking. Could I survive prison or being accused of something I didn’t do?

I think prison would be horrible. True, our prisons seem like holiday camps compared to places like Thailand, but I’m still not sure I could handle it. But to think that I would have to handle incarceration KNOWING I was innocent would drive me to insanity.

You hear about prisoners committing suicide, but I’m not sure how someone could do that. If you’re innocent, there’s always hope. But that’s assuming you’re in a cushy cell like we have in the UK. Could I say the same if I was staying in a dank dungeon cell like they have in other countries.

Now I’m all for punishing those who deserve it, I believe our prison system is far too lenient and our prisons get wrapped in cotton wool when they need to be punished. But the problem is making sure all are guilty. Could you live with yourself for condemning someone to death or time in a dungeon, then finding out they’re innocent?

I guess that’s the arguement for capital punishment. All thoughts gratefully received!