20 Week Scan

I’ve just come back from having the 20 week scan on my baby (sounds like I’m doing all the carrying!!). Thank god all looks well, two arms, two legs, nose etc. The wife got all gushy (as to be expected). But this one wasn’t such a major thing for me as the previous one.

I put this down to a few factors:

1: I woke up this morning with a splitting headache. Felt like I had gone on a major bender the night before, but hadn’t actually had any booze!!

2: The scanning room was about 40c!! I was roasting and as I already had a headache, this just compounded my already angry brain and made me want to shut down and go to sleep.

3: (and probably the most likely one) I was a little freaked out by the detail in this scan. On our previous scan, we had seen the head, arms, legs and it was all nice and gooey and I felt a little tear welling up. This time however, the baby is more developed. They started off by showing us the face. I could make out all the features and looked quite ok until it came to the eyes. Hollow black bits that resembled an alien from the X-Files! Then, you could see a circle in the black bit which turned out to be the lens from one of its eyes! This was closely followed by being able to see every bone in its body!! Spine, ribs, arms, legs. Looking at the spine and ribs I couldn’t help but think of a piece of fish being de-boned.

Now I’m sure most of you women will be sitting there going “but that’s your baby” and it’s true, I do feel a little bad about thinking this, but it did look a little strange. Doesn’t mean I’m any less over the moon, just probably a combination of all 3 above managed to put me in a peculiar mood today.

12 Week Scan

Anyhow, the main thing is my child is health and well and the sonographer was kind enough NOT to let slip the sex, so I still have a lovely surprise when it’s born. I’ll try and edit this later and put a picture of the scan up.


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