New Year, New Start??

Just looking on facebook all I see is people saying “happy new year” or “goodbye 09, welcome10, got to be better!” but does a new year really mean a new start?

You live your life as you should, as you believe you should, so will things really change with a new year? After all, work, bills, taxes, etc will still be there.

In my humble opinion, the only way to fully bring in a new start is to TOTALLY change your life. New job, new home, new outlook. I don’t believe you can start again in the same place/situation that you’ve been in as history will always be there to drag you back again.

Take it from someone who did this a few years back. I was living the life of drink and partying, but I couldn’t keep going. I moved and changed my life. Now I’ve seen a lot of the world, loving wife, baby on the way and the whole of my life ahead of me.

If you’re going to do it, CHANGE IT BIG TIME!!!!


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