Irish Sharia Law??

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear……. I know the Irish have a sterotype in the UK if being stupid, but is this story on the BBC website proof??

It appears the Irish constitution protects all Christian beliefs. So obviously, in this day of religious and social understanding, the Irish have now introduced a Blasphemy law! €25,000 if you publically blasphem.

Now I know that Ireland is a deeply Christian (majorly catholic) country, and I’m all for protecting ones history and heritage, but I fail to see how punishing those with different beliefs to you is fair, right or Christian! Is this not the start of religious law? What’s next, prison for those working on a Sunday?

It also begs the question: if the Irish populous who support this law visit a country run by Sharia law would they abide by it? Break the law or offend God?


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