Gaza pain

My god…….

I’ve just been watching Ross Kemp in Gaza. I like to think I have an understanding of the situation in Gaza but I never thought of the humanitarian situation there.

People are living in the destroyed shells of their homes, living on nothing, risking their lives everyday in shoddy tunnels to smuggle in essentials.

As with all wars, the small minority are causing misery and death for everyday people. I’m sure that 90% of normal people in Gaza and Israel would happily live in peace and find a medium ground.

But how can peace be achieved when death and fighting breed further anger and violence? One young girl saw Israeli soldiers kill her mother and father, saying her mother had half a head and her fathers brains left his head.

A 24 year old man, just qualified law from university, has become a suicide bomber to avenge his parents death. When asked why, he said “war creates war, peace creates peace”. How can someone who is obviously intelligent, not see the horrible irony in his statement. But I have to say, if I were in his position and knowing who killed my parents, I’m not sure I wouldn’t do something stupid too.

I’m not saying I’m now a support of Israel or Palestine, but I’m a supporter of life and people. I wish I held the answer. It’s so heartbreaking….. Just have to watch the Israel episode.

The root of it, in my mind, is religion. I honestly believe this world would be a much better place without God!!!! How much killing must be done in His name??


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