The Rabbi, The Priest and The Muslim

Time to get up on my religious soap box!

Just read this blog regarding a piece of art based from Spanish artist Eugenio Merino:

Now, the essence of this piece is at the bottom is a Muslim bent over praying, on his back is a Christian priest kneeling in prayer and standing on his shoulders is a rabbi praying. They all have prayer books, but not their own. The Rabbi has the Koran, Priest the Torah and the Muslim the bible.

To my mind, it’s a thought provoking piece. I look at it as the fact that all three religions worship the same God (true, through different paths) and this piece is simply showing that we are all aiming in the same direction. But, of course, people instantly look for who it will offend and in this day and age, who can blame them when cartoons are causing riots, the arrest of a nations leaders son cause for Jihad to be called against an entire country (yes, Mr. Gaddafi wants to destroy Switzerland! and simple comments can cause such outrage! Good job Monty Python created “Life of Brian” when they did, or the world would never have known such amazing comedy!

I’m not going to get into the debate already raging on the other blog on whether this piece is right, wrong, who it offends, how it offends and the like. I’m more interested in the essence behind the argument.

So where do we draw the line between insightful, artistic and genius creations meant to force us to contemplate life and probe at it’s very meaning and plain, down right insulting items meant for nothing more than to hurt and offend people?

Do we have to draw the line at all? What would happen to, say, the BNP (forgive me if you’re outside of Britain) if everyone who read their racist leaflets and thought “poor deluded fools”, threw them away and forgot all about the BNP? They’d cease to exist. These types of people who are out to hurt and offend feed off peoples reactions. If they don’t get a reaction, they will simple fade away.

We need to stop over-reacting to every little thing. Muslims need to stop calling for Jihad on everyone who disagrees with the Koran. Jews need to stop feeling the victim (yes, I know you have been for centuries) and thinking everyone is out to get them. Christians need to stop thinking they have all the answers and that they’re superior.

We should all just agree to disagree. Failing that, do away with religion TOTALLY! That way, no bugger is right or wrong.

The Speed of Love

I’m a bit bah humbug when it comes to Valentines day. Made up by commercial money grabbing companies. I’m all up for the principal of the day of love and being with people you love, but isn’t that the problem with the day also?

Basically, we set one day aside every year to tell that special person what they mean to you. Don’t you find that totally synonymous with the age we live in? There are 364 days in a year and we set just 1 day aside. What, are we too busy the other 363 days?

But I don’t think that’s the real problem. The real problem is that we have to be reminded to spend one day telling people we love them. We actually need reminding by these big greetings card companies that we have to tell our spouse we love them. I know we men are always being stereotyped as forgetting, but let’s be honest, how many people (men and women) tell their partner you love them every day and not just as something to say when you finish a phone call?

Our lives are all go these days. It seems (in England in any case) that life is always being played in fast forward. Always something to do, always somewhere to be and if this letter doesn’t get posted in the next five minutes, a comet will smack into the planet and destroy all life as we know it leaving only the rats to inherit the Earth. This is all due to how we live our lives. We’re not prepared to wait for things, so the pace of general life is upped without us even knowing about! Fine, no problem with that, especially as I’m one of these impatient people. However……………. it’s a SHIT way to live our lives.

Let me explain. As we go through our daily lives, we categorise things into levels of importance so we can make sure things are done in the right order. A very sensible approach to life. But 9 times out of 10 our priorities are wrong. We’re always so caught up in work, housework, TV programmes, whatever, that we forget to cuddle our partners, ring our parents just to say “hi mum”, go and visit friends for no other reason than you haven’t seen them in a few days. We’re always living for the materialistic side of life that we forget the personal, I hate to say it, spiritual side of life.

May point is that if our lives are so hectic and fast paced that we need a rose and a teddy bear from Clinton’s once a year to remind us of our loved ones, then maybe we need to adjust our outlook and start thinking about what REALLY matters to us.

Then again, you may love your life and one day a year is more than enough……….