Living the Quiet Life

I’ve lived in cities all my life (with the exception of a country pub my mum and dad ran when I was 3) and I’ve always enjoyed the hussle and bussle of life and people and the activities one can do in a city. But I’m increasingly finding myself drawn to the quiet village life and reading this article made me want to write about it.

I’d love to live either in the middle of a farming village (like Emmerdale) surrounded by moors and forests or a fishing village which is miles from anywhere (somewhere in Devon or Cornwall would be cool). My house would be nothing flash, an old stone-walled house, with bare timber inside and an open fire-place. The kitchen would be the biggest room in the house so all the family could get round the table and eat.

The social centre of the village would be the pub. Not for huge drinking sessions (although the weekly lock-in would be obligatory and all would attend) but a place where all the locals gather together to be friendly, chat about life and their health ailments and generally keep the close-knit village life going strong.

There would be summer festivals on the village green where the local schools put on shows, nativity and carol services at Christmas for all the village to come and sing (even though none of them believe in God or attend church) and everyone would support the local sports team (cricket in the summer, rugby/football in the winter).

To be honest, I don’t think I’ll ever leave the city. Not through choice, but I just don’t think my life will take me in that direction. Possibly when I retire, but then I have the hurdle of convincing the wife it’s a good idea!!!


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