Friday Brain Teaser

I’ve decided to do a weekly brain teaser. These will be riddles, questions, anything to get the old grey matter going. Hopefully you’ll enjoy them and find them challenging. If not……… Tell me and I’ll stop bothering! Answers will be published the following week.

So here’s the first one:

You have a basket containing 5 apples. You are looking after 5 children. Each child must be given 1 whole apple.

How can you give each child an apple and leave 1 apple in the basket?


Please leave a comment saying if you have an answer, but please do not post your answers!


4 thoughts on “Friday Brain Teaser

      • No. I misunderstood the question.

        I thought that by “leaving one apple in the basket” meant that no one could have it…and therefore the remaining four apples had to be divided evenly among five children.

        I thought the answer was “make applesauce” (or apple juice).
        (Although they wouldn’t technically get “one whole apple each” that way).

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