21st Century Chatting

I’ve had my iPhone for over a year and my wife has constantly moaned that I’m always using it. I laughed it off and told her to stop being so silly.

Now her mobile has been an aged thing that she’s had for 2 years! Can you imagine?! This thing didn’t even have wap!!!! So I finally persuade her to come into the 21st and buy a smart phone. I did try and convert her to the iPhone, but she wasn’t keen (Christ knows why as she used mine enough). Instead she went for the new HTC desire. Very nice phone, but a bit too ott compared to the iPhone.

Since having this phone, her Facebook is being battered!!! She’s on the damn thing more than I am, and I blog! Picture the scene, we have two sofas in our front room, me on one and her on the other. We haven’t spoke for an hour and a half, her on facebook, me on the blog (plus I have Lara Croft on tv distracting me slightly).

Has technology replaced good ol’ fashion chit chat? It’ll probably be easier to email her for a cup of tea than ask!


3 thoughts on “21st Century Chatting

  1. braeraye says:

    I know my phone (along with its constant connection to Facebook and the Internet) has become very important. I have the Motorola Droid and a few days ago, my screen blacked out. It ended up being a software issue that was easy to fix, but in the two hours I went without being able to use my phone, I missed invitations to all of the night’s events!

  2. The Swerve says:

    I have been through 3 iPhones and can honestly i have never been so happy to get rid of it – such a shame as it is a very attractive and easy to use device that gives a lot for a little piece of equipment. I am now back to blackberry and have to say finally there is a phone that can withstand the excessive use! One problem – trying to get wordpress is driving me nuts – not happy!
    As for the emailing about tea – i found that when my ex and i both got our iPhones! Trust me on this one though bbm is worse!

  3. When my flatmate was sick in bed last month I had her texting me from the other room whenever she needed anything. Good way to take care of her while minimising contact. Granted texting for water isn’t quite emailing for tea but same ballpark!

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