Ignorance is NOT Bliss

I work as an accountant in a small team. I have 2 part time staff and 1 full time. My part timers are experienced and get on with things. However, my full timer is 21 and shows absolutely NO signs of wanting to better herself. All she does is data admin, so nothing too taxing on the brain.

We had a call from the MD’s PA yesterday asking for the VAT break down on the cost of this thing she was buying. She asked my full timer who said she didn’t know. After helping the PA, I said to my full timer I’d teach her how to calculate it (very simple process). She just shrugged and said she wasn’t bothered.

This infuriated me! I can’t understand how someone is happy with not knowing something. Knowing that someone else knows something I don’t just kills me!

I started to wonder if this is a sign of the times. A calculator won’t help me unless I know the formula, Google can’t help unless I know what I’m talking about, so whats the point in worrying about it. Someone else will pick up the pieces. You see this all over the country. ASBO’s being handed out like sweets (without much success) are showing that kids are frustrated. But they can cause this frustration themselves by not applying themselves. BRING BACK NATIONAL SERVICE!!


One thought on “Ignorance is NOT Bliss

  1. Kandy says:

    I totally understand where your coming from, I work with a nearly 60 year old and she just doesn’t care if she doesn’t know how to do something. We show her the same things everyday and yet she forgets and asks the same questions each day! Its frustrating!

    Ignorance is bliss for those who are ignorant, not for those around that person!

    How many mistakes can a person make in front of the boss without getting sacked? I’ll tell you, its more than 30!!!

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