I’ve Finally Jailbroken my iPhone

I’ve taken the plunge and jailbroken my iPhone. All I can say is……. WOOHOO!!!!

Now I’m no app developer or IT whizz. Far from it. I know what I know, and I enjoy what I know. I also like my little enjoyments in life and this jailbreaking business is certainly going to give me the enjoyments! Already, my phone now has a background picture, sounds different (Star Wars theme so a light-sabre sound emits when I lock and unlock my phone…….yes I’m a geek) and performs differently.

I have noticed that the performance is a little……haggered. Nothing drastic, but a definite slowing. Athough at the minute, the enjoyment it’s giving me is far out weighing the sluggishness (however small).

I’m now at the point where I want more. I’ve been flicking through google trying to find different apps, themes, things I can do with my newly released iPhone. If anyone has any hints or tips, put them in the comments and we can all benefit from the wealth of knowledge!


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