Hitler’s A Cool Leader

It appears the West Midlands ambulance service has caused a bit of uproar due to a survey they gave their staff asking them to rate various leaders. One of them was Adolf Hitler:


I’ve often had a similar discussion with many different people. Not necessarily “is he cool?” but more along the lines of a successful leader for his country.

I’d like to point out at this stage that I am NOT a Nazi and never will be. I think they are disgusting and should never be allowed near human society.

Now, back to my point. I have often argued that Hitler was a successful leader and he revolutionised post WWI Germany from a country on it’s knees to one of the strongest in Europe. Obviously, this was on the back of some amazingly sick ideals and laws and at the expense of the likes of the Jews, but nevertheless, he did make Germany a strong country again.

It does leave us the quandry of whether he would have been so successful as a leader in other situations. For example, if Hitler weren’t a Nazi, but a Labour party leader, would he have been such an influential speaker, an innovative thinker in regards to national and international policies and as charasmatic a man?

Some would say not (myself included). It would have been his life experiences and his fierce racist and facist beliefs that made him willing to push through radical policies and his beliefs which made him the potent public speaker that he was. This does leave his natural charisma but this alone is not enough to produce a true leader.

So on that conclusion I’ll leave you with a question: are leaders of people (politicians, soldiers, team captains!) born or created through life experiences?


6 thoughts on “Hitler’s A Cool Leader

    • Such as……………. I’m assuming you mean you have “your own ideas”. Please, continue and tell em your point of view. I wrote this particular blog to try and get a discussion going and ensight a few people to riot!

  1. Interesting. I’ve always wondered if Hitler did, in fact, hate the Jews. Or was he just using the common hostility towards them as a means to the ends (re-vitalizing his country.) Politicians in the U.S. are also quite capable (and willing) to break out the example of a unmarried, black woman on welfare any time they need someone to pick on.

    (Obviously I understand the difference between declaring war on a already harried ethnicity and… declaring war on the lower class? Maybe there’s not that great a difference. We just realized you can make more money off of live people then dead.)

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