Nice To Know You’re Loved

I’ve fallen a bit behind lately on the latest series of Doctor Who (thank God for sky plus!!) So last night I sat down to try and catch up. I watched the episode with Vincent Van Gogh. As ever, a great episode with inventive ideas and doesn’t leave the viewer feeling childish.

The final scene however had me in tears (nearly anyway, I had to man up in front of the wife). As we all know, Van Gogh was a troubled man with a history of mental illness eventually leading to his suicide (and ear incident). The Doctor and Amy knew this and tried to give him some hope by bringing him to the future to see his paintings in the Musée d’Orsay. Here, he heard just what people thought about his work.

And it got me thinking, wouldn’t you just love to know that someone, somewhere thought you were amazing. We all hear from our parents, spouses, children that they love us and this is fantastic, but to hear it in a different aspect would make you soar.

To put a bit of a morbid approach on it, I’ve often thought what would people say about me at my funeral. Would a lot of people turn up? How many would cry hysterically into their tissues? What words would people use to describe me? You find people don’t tell you what they really think about you when you’re around. To me, when I hear what someone has been saying about me, it really makes me feel special.

I’ve probably not explained myself very well today, but watch the Youtube clip from Doctor Who and you’ll understand what I mean.


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