Kindness Vs Fairness

I work next door to a Baptist Church and in this church they have a little cafe bit where people can go and get sandwiches/crisps/drinks etc. all at reasonable prices and the sandwiches are always filled out nicely. As I was waiting for my change today, I did consider saying “put it in the charity pot” or something like that. But then I thought no (b*****d aren’t I?) I’m not that well off. But it did get me thinking……

Imagine, if you will, that there was no kindness in the world. No-one did anything for anybody for nothing, out of the kindness of their heart. Pretty sad place. Or is it? See, if we lived in a FAIR world, would we need kindness?

  • In a fair world, people would get paid a fair wage for a fair days work. So pretty much instantly, you wipe out slavery and people working in third world sweat shops will get paid a decent wage and therefore raise their living standards.
  • Corruption would be eradicated. No more fat-cat politicians sat in desperately poor countries soaking up all of the natural wealth. This would then mean more money for countries that need it for education/health/public services etc.
  • Resources would be shared fairly. So many countries in the world have natural resources, but almost none of them are shared equally. If everything were shared equally and fairly, for a fair price would be fine, the whole world could share in everything and want for nothing.
  • Famine would be all but a memory. True, fairness cannot compete with disease,weather or natural disasters, but as the world’s food would be shared and traded equally, the hit of such things wouldn’t be anywhere near as hard as it currently stands.
  • If all in the world is shared fairly, envy will be drastically reduced. Everyone should have their fair share and thus be content.

In my mind, the list can go on and on. Kindness is an amazing thing, but greed and envy will always hold a higher place in the human being, thus meaning people’s kindness will always be fighting a losing battle. Even out the playing field and everyone will be happy.


4 thoughts on “Kindness Vs Fairness

  1. Even if the world was fair and everyone has the same things, someone would want two not one. As a race we are a malcontented lot. What would make us work hard to excel if we were going to get the same as the lazy person next to us. Ambition makes the world go round. If all the world was fair many would still find it unfair, lol. Now kindness is a gift and gifts can brighten even the most unfair of days.

    Thank you Dan for a thought invoking post, Jessica

  2. I see what you are saying, but I find the ramifications of such an existence to be completely dull. I want to keep taking it in another direction because all I keep thinking is, could you be happy just to be content? Everyone just being content sounds so Stepford wife. I personally will take the bad with the good to keep from a life of mediocrity. But if people keep taking pills like Prozac it just might happen lol. And forgive me if I keep departing from your point. I just say what I think and this is what your post made me think, Jessica

    • You do have a good point. Of course, there are always pros and cons with all ideals. Communism being prime example. I suppose in many ways, what I’m getting at in my post is a communist ideal. As you say, there would be no personal gain, but it would completely remove world problems. I guess it’s down to the individual to weigh up his/her conscience on that one.

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