My Car’s Social Worker

I drive a BMW. I know what you’re going to say “BMW drivers think they own the road” blah, blah, blah (well, we do!) I love my car. I’ve always had Fords before this and think they’re great cars, but I wanted to treat myself to a toy before my daughter was born, so persuaded the wife to let me get it last year.

Now the time has come for its first mot. For my non-uk readers, an mot is a yearly government test on all vehicles older than 3 years which tests to see if it’s safe, brakes are ok, tyres, lights, co2 emissions. Generally an orderly working car and not a death trap or pollution monkey.

I hate these things! I always panic and feel I’m being judged (which I suppose I am) I’m guessing it should be ok as I keep it in good condition, but you just can’t tell. Before the test, I got them to put two new tyres on the back. I had a bit of a result. Not as expensive as I had thought they would be.

It doesn’t help though when they put you in a waiting room overlooking the test pit. You sit there, watching them going over your prized possession with their clipboard and pen, making notes and things and deciding if your car is good or not. Makes me feel like a bad parent in front of the social worker! “Yes mr. Wade, your child’s brakes are faulty and her rear-brake light is out”. Their faces never give anything away either. Not sure if that’s a good thing or bad thing really.


To cap it all off, I just remembered I have a bulb out on the rear of my car, which I’m almost positive is a fail. Not got a great feeling about this….. I’ll just hit the free coffee and hope for the best.


2 thoughts on “My Car’s Social Worker

  1. Hope it went well Dan.We always get more than one chance at anything in life.The car is no different. If it failed, it’s just a little more aggrevation, for a short time.


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