A Different Image of Russia

Russia come in out of the Communist Cold in 1991. Well, that’s how some see it.

After my school history lessons, I was always under the impression Russian‘s would have enjoyed turning their backs on communism and Imperial rule, but according to this BBC report, maybe that isn’t the case:


Of course, I don’t take this as the gospel for Russian society views or how 99% of their population feel, but it does make a lot of sense when you look at the state of their country. Or is this simply how the powers that be want us and their own people to view the situation while they sit there and cream off the cash?

I have to be honest, I’ve no idea to the answer. I’ve no comprehension of Russian politics or the views of the people, but it certainly raises interesting questions, when a country of this size and potential power is so unstable.

Then we come to the pole dancing part. Are women REALLY doing that in Russia? Are things that tight that women perfect their sex skills in order to land a wealthy man and essentially become a wag (something lots of Essex girls would be proud of!)? Or was this a freaky, one-off class for peculiar people? I’ve always heard the rumours that there are more women to men in Russia and the women are gorgeous and the men ugly, but is this proof? The comment I loved was along the lines of :

no real woman would believe in women’s rights


I think this video has caused me more questions than answers to a subject I had never really given much thought to, even though Russia has always fascinated me. This country is and always has been a sleeping giant, with its wealth of natural resources and HUGE numbers of man power, could potentially be the new China and influence international politics (even more so than they do already). But this could also be linked in with the way the country is run and the views of the people. More investigation is needed I think on my part.

How To Get Your Blog Read

My blog has gone a bit quiet of late. True, my blogging prowess has died off a bit of late, but I’m still get the odd reader here or there. I then post this blog yesterday which has the mildest of mild hints to nudity and my reader stats jump by nearly 3 times! Isn’t it amazing how one tag can have such a huge difference? Does this give credence to the urban myth that the internet is 90% porn (it isn’t, around 37% is the figure)? Or simply that people are naturally drawn to sex?

When I first started this post, I simply want another blog with the tag “nudity” to bump my stats up again, but thinking about it, it does bring an interesting question to the fore about the internet and the people who use it.

Since the internet exploded, we’re all aware of the power it has to spread information and people’s views. The adult industry has embraced this massively, which is well documented (great evidence is the fact that the .xxx domain could be with us VERY soon). It’s given the opportunity for people to express themselves and their enjoyments (some might say fetishes) with the world and other like-minded souls. And I think this is great, just because society say’s it’s peculiar, doesn’t mean everyone feels the same. Vive la difference!

But it does need to be watched. You can, as my blog proved yesterday, be misinterpreted and end up having children google food fights and come up with websites for food fetishes where people are having mass orgies in custard. But we can’t regulate it either. The moment we do, the freedom that the internet provides is lost and becomes the same as all other media outlets. The internet is a living breathing media outlet with no controls and no restrictions. This is the essence, the beauty of the internet but at the same time, also the dark and dangerous creature it can be.

A nice little thought to finish on……. The internet is a mirror for human kind. A beautiful, wonderful thing capable of truly astonishing and amazing things that boggle the mind, but at the exact same time capable of the most disgraceful and revolting things imaginable. Sounds like us to me!

My First Tournament: SUCCESS!!

I had my first san da tournament yesterday. I’ve been building up to it for a while now, as you may have seen from my previous post and I think it went quite well. I got a silver medal, which for my first outing, wasn’t too bad going.

The tournament was tagged as being “A Novice San Shou Fight Day”, basically meaning that only people with 3 fights or less could enter. The problem with this was that the organisers left a loophole: Sure, you couldn’t compete with more than 3 fights, but you could have been training for years and still compete!! This little detail became apparent in a few bouts, most notably one of my team mates gold medal fight. He has been training for around 3 months, his opponent………….. about 3 years! My friend put on a great show, really fought his hardest and never backed down, but the other guys skill level was too great and he forced a ref stoppage. Really soured the whole deal for me.

As for me, I had to compete against one club’s instructor (he hadn’t fought before, so qualified!!) for my first round fight. He was a big guy and I’ve never sparred with anyone my own weight before. I wasn’t used to throwing people my own size and it really showed during the fight:

I got the victory here. Gassed in the second round, but pulled it back in the third.

I then had about 30 minutes rest before my final fight. This was against a guy from the same club as my previous fight. He was a bit different a fighter, much more lithe and looking to kick, which is how I like it! I thought the first round was his, then the second round was mine. The judges disagreed and awarded the lot to him. I was FUMING!! I felt totally cheated. I’ve since looked back at the video and I think both rounds were much closer than I originally thought.

I still stand by my call that it should have gone to a third round and I was cheated from the gold, but I’m so very proud of my performance and my whole club’s performance! 2 silvers and 2 bronze medals out of a potential 6, remembering none of us had ever fought before and we all but 2 had less than 7 months training (I’m on 7 months myself). Well done team Wutan!

Immigration – An English Dosers Point of View

When I was growing up in London, I lived in a rather……. impoverished area (ok, it was full to the brim with pikeys and chavs!) and as such, I made friends with them. Since growing up and moving on, I’ve managed to get away from all of that and the lifestyle. However, thanks to the joys of Facebook bringing all and sundry from your past to the present, I’m getting a slight insight into these people’s lives. Here is a direct quote from someone I used to hang with:


So where do I begin? Lets start by saying I’m not going to get on to the subject of UK immigration law and the state of illegal immigration within the British Isles. What I’m going to get on my soap box about is the state of the people writing this sort of pap!

I’ll start with the small stuff. Typing in caps lock for a prolonged period on an internet site is considered shouting and rude. In the 21st century with pretty much everyone online, these people should know this (especially as they spend all their time on these sites!)

Then, there’s the “text speak”. Is it so hard to type in full and correct sentences? Since when did U replace YOU in the English language? I’m pretty sure the person writing this knew the existence of spell checker as there is not an ice cubes chance in hell of them EVER spelling those big words (like job) correctly.

Now we move onto the real reason this persons status has riled me. This person has NEVER had a job, has several kids by different fathers and has a cushy council house and lives on benefits from the government. Then she has the audacity to go and post this on her Facebook status! So does being English entitle her to be a bum and suck the hard-working tax payers money from valuable assets like the NHS? How dare another person come in and do the same(!) I don’t think I’d be quite so heated by this if the person had an original thought in their head or if they were educated and based their assumptions and opinions on something other than the headlines of the Daily Star newspaper.

As I said, I know this person and my description of them is totally accurate. I think the only form of tax this person pays is the VAT on her cigarettes (which I doubt she even buys in the shop, probably imports from Big Dave at the market).

Now, I’m not saying I disagree or agree with her point of view (that’s a far bigger discussion to have at a later date and I don’t know enough about it to lead it), my point is I’m fed up with the rumours and myths that permeate society in relation to the government and UK law which people believe are fact.

Example: The EU has banned all bent cucumbers from being sold in the UK

Oh please! I’m sure you’ve heard this or something very similar. People take these things as gospel, just because their friend told them down the pub and “he knows his stuff” or they saw it on someones Facebook status (see what I did there?) and they start blaming the government for something that is totally untrue. The scary thing is, these people who believe these things then go and vote for the party they believe will stop all this. That’s how fanatical fascist type parties come to power and countries fall into the mire.

I beg you all, spread the word of education and please, for the love of god, don’t believe someones Facebook status without evidence!