How To Get Your Blog Read

My blog has gone a bit quiet of late. True, my blogging prowess has died off a bit of late, but I’m still get the odd reader here or there. I then post this blog yesterday which has the mildest of mild hints to nudity and my reader stats jump by nearly 3 times! Isn’t it amazing how one tag can have such a huge difference? Does this give credence to the urban myth that the internet is 90% porn (it isn’t, around 37% is the figure)? Or simply that people are naturally drawn to sex?

When I first started this post, I simply want another blog with the tag “nudity” to bump my stats up again, but thinking about it, it does bring an interesting question to the fore about the internet and the people who use it.

Since the internet exploded, we’re all aware of the power it has to spread information and people’s views. The adult industry has embraced this massively, which is well documented (great evidence is the fact that the .xxx domain could be with us VERY soon). It’s given the opportunity for people to express themselves and their enjoyments (some might say fetishes) with the world and other like-minded souls. And I think this is great, just because society say’s it’s peculiar, doesn’t mean everyone feels the same. Vive la difference!

But it does need to be watched. You can, as my blog proved yesterday, be misinterpreted and end up having children google food fights and come up with websites for food fetishes where people are having mass orgies in custard. But we can’t regulate it either. The moment we do, the freedom that the internet provides is lost and becomes the same as all other media outlets. The internet is a living breathing media outlet with no controls and no restrictions. This is the essence, the beauty of the internet but at the same time, also the dark and dangerous creature it can be.

A nice little thought to finish on……. The internet is a mirror for human kind. A beautiful, wonderful thing capable of truly astonishing and amazing things that boggle the mind, but at the exact same time capable of the most disgraceful and revolting things imaginable. Sounds like us to me!


5 thoughts on “How To Get Your Blog Read

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