What’s The Big Deal With New Year?

I got to be honest, I’ve never seen the huge
appeal with new years eve (other than an excuse to get very drunk)
I can see the appeal of new year, new start, but you can do that at
any point in the year. So why wait til 31st December to do

So I’m an avid Facebook user and most
of my friends status updates this week have gone along the lines

2011 can’t be
as bad as this year

Thank god this year is

blah, blah, blah, blah………

So I couldn’t help
myself. I had to post up my own little retort to them:


didn’t get too many responses (not wholly unexpected, people never
really like the truth) except from my brother in law. He has been
one of the worst culprits for depressing Facebook messages this
past year. True, he’s had a really awful year, but 50% of it was
avoidable and of his own doing. He wanted to go out tonight to try
and “meet a lady” but I said to him that self pity isn’t exactly
the most attractive attribute in a man………….

does annoy me a little when people moan about their lives being so
hard and bad luck when other people in the world are sooooooooooo
more worse off than the rest of us. We’re moaning because we can’t
afford our nice holiday each year or the petrol has gone up by 3p
per litre. Others have 3p a week to live on, if that! Some people
have never had a lie in, let alone a sun drenched

I just feel at this “special time in
the year”, we need to have a little perspective in our

LUCK FOR 2011!!!


One thought on “What’s The Big Deal With New Year?

  1. Kandy says:

    I agree…. people spend untold amount to celebrate the new year, when they could do the exact same thing a week later. Its basically what we call “going with the flow”. It seems like everyone’s in competition to who has had the worse year…. how sad! People need to start looking forward to things, and stop looking back….!
    I like to think my cup is always half full, rather than half empty, if only everyone was as positive as us Dan… 🙂

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