CNN Removed This Comment

I’m a Redditor and recently found this picture posted up on there:

This raises some excellent points. I’m all up for helping other countries etc. but how do our governments decide which ones to help and which ones not to?

I heard on the radio earlier that a prominent member of the US government said US forces wouldn’t intervene in Lybia. So why Iraq? WMD’s weren’t the reason, we all know that. Why not help the people in Darfur etc?

I don’t know and I doubt we’ll ever really know. I just thought this post was an excellent piece, it needed sharing and this sort of subject has to continue being discussed so we can, in future, effect the outcome of these types of conflict for the right reasons.


One thought on “CNN Removed This Comment

  1. Galaxian says:

    Mr. Bush had a special grudge against Saddam Hussein, who sent an assassination team to Kuwait when his dad was visiting there as president back in the 1990s. The attempt to kill the senior Mr. Bush did not come to anything, but I doubt the son, George W., forgot about it. The September 11 attacks, which probably justified the intervention in Afghanistan beginning October 2001, also gave George W. the political opening he needed to support an invasion of Iraq. Hopefully this answers your Q. regarding why Iraq.

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