Beautiful Aurora

This is one thing I have to see before I die. It’s a true natural wonder.

When you look at things like this, it’s so easy to understand how earlier civilisations believed in Gods and Spirits.

The Vikings believed that Bifröst, a burning rainbow bridge, spanned between Midgard (the human world) and Asgard (the land of the Gods). It is protected by the god Heimdallr from the jötnar (giants). Look and sound familiar?

I have a huge fascination in mythology and ancient beliefs and stories, with the majority of it in and around the Norse, Germanic and Celtic (but not specifically Irish) beliefs. But this is due to my ancestry. I just love the way ancient people would build their faiths and beliefs around the natural world, without feeling the need to change anything and just accepting things.

If anyone else shares this passion with me, please feel free to comment, suggest anything to investigate and read up on, or just your favourite fairy tales (non-Disney versions, if you please!)


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