New Toy – iPad 2!!

Sod it!

I’ve not blogged for ages and since then, I’ve won a new iPad. So let’s put two and two together and I’ll blog, using my new toy ABOUT my new toy.

So I’m sat at work a few weeks ago when an email pings up from our big accountants saying:

“Here’s your chance to win an iPad 2 3G!”

Normally, those type of emails get filed in the trash folder, but something made me go for this one. So I did their questionnaire and sent it off. Two weeks later, I get a call from our accountants. I think they’re calling me to chase for money we owe them, but it was actually the director calling me to congratulate me on winning! SCHAWEET!!!

I was never going to buy an iPad. I have the iPhone and couldn’t justify paying £500+ for a large iPhone. Since having an iPad, I’m in love with it and take it everywhere! Yes, I still use my iPhone just as much, but the iPad is just nicer for some things. I still stand by the fact I’d never have bought one, but I do love this little gadget!