Guess Who’s Back?!

Nearly 3 years ago, I made my last post on here. So much has changed, yet nothing really has.

New baby….. Same job.

New dreams …… Same position in life.

New ……. that’s about it!

Its quite distrubing when I look at it like that. 3 years is a long time in anyone’s books and nothing much has actually changed in my life. Sure, things have happened and I’m not saying my life isn’t good, but surely something note worthy (other than the birth of my son) must have happened. When I sit down and think, the answer is quite sad.

Yes, my son’s birth was an amazing event in my life and I love him dearly, as my daughter and my wife. And I do love my life too, please don’t think I don’t. But I look around and read other blogs and realise people out there are living life, while I seem to be existing. True, the set up of family life does hinder somewhat the adventurous potential in my life (going off to far flung countries with a 4 year old, 1 year old and a wife who likes her home comforts isn’t going to happen) but there are lots of things I can still do in my current set up. Just have to think of what and how to accomplish them.

So while I ponder on this, I thought I’d pick this blog back up and see where the ramblings take me. Maybe the flow of 1000’s of comments I receive (sarcasm was always a strong point of mine) will guide me in some desicion making, maybe someone out there can give me a guiding hand or maybe I’ll just fill up some server space somewhere in the world with total rubbish.

Either way: I’M BACK!!!

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