The World’s Penis Size Revealed

I came across one of the most random sites I’ve ever seen. It is a global map of the average penis size by country.

So let’s digest this a little.

We can see the old myth of Asian men being “smaller” than the average man is being confirmed by the SUPER scientific map and that African men are still “the big boys” on the block.

For me, the surprise runner in all this are the South America crew. Check out those bad boys!! 3 countries in the top 5 are South American with only 2 being African. Here is the list with biggest first:

Territory Name Value
Congo 17.93
Ecuador 17.77
Ghana 17.31
Venezuela 17.03
Colombia 17.03
Lebanon 16.82
Cameroon 16.67
Bolivia 16.51
Hungary 16.51
Sudan 16.47
Jamaica 16.3
Panama 16.27
Benin 16.2
Brazil 16.1
Peru 16.03
Haiti 16.01
Puerto Rico 16.01
France 16.01
Dominican Republic 15.99
Senegal 15.89
Burkina Faso 15.89
Czech Republic 15.89
The Gambia 15.88
Cuba 15.87
Netherlands 15.87
Belgium 15.85
Zambia 15.78
Belize 15.75
Italy 15.74
Angola 15.73
Egypt 15.69
Zimbabwe 15.68
Guatemala 15.67
Georgia 15.61
Paraguay 15.53
Nigeria 15.5
Chad 15.39
Central African Republic 15.33
South Africa 15.29
Denmark 15.29
Nicaragua 15.26
Cote d’Ivoire 15.22
Slovakia 15.21
Uruguay 15.14
Slovenia 15.13
Mexico 15.1
Gaza Strip 15.06
Morocco 15.03
Bulgaria 15.02
Tunisia 15.01
Costa Rica 15.01
Honduras 15
El Salvador 14.88
Argentina 14.88
Serbia 14.87
Sweden 14.8
Croatia 14.77
Albania 14.73
Greece 14.73
Suriname 14.67
Belarus 14.63
Chile 14.59
Iceland 14.56
Iran 14.55
Iraq 14.5
Germany 14.48
Eritrea 14.39
Israel 14.38
Switzerland 14.35
Norway 14.34
Poland 14.29
Somalia 14.2
Algeria 14.19
Austria 14.16
Turkey 14.11
Cape Verde 14.05
New Zealand 13.99
Macedonia 13.98
Ukraine 13.97
United Kingdom 13.97
Canada 13.92
Greenland 13.87
Spain 13.85
Estonia 13.78
Finland 13.77
Libya 13.74
Azerbaijan 13.72
Afghanistan 13.69
Turkmenistan 13.48
Ethiopia 13.39
Australia 13.31
Armenia 13.22
Russia 13.21
United States 12.9
Ireland 12.78
Mongolia 12.77
Romania 12.73
Yemen 12.72
Pakistan 12.2
Indonesia 11.67
Singapore 11.53
Malaysia 11.49
Vietnam 11.47
Bangladesh 11.2
Hong Kong 11.19
Japan 10.92
China 10.89
Sri Lanka 10.89
Philippines 10.85
Taiwan 10.78
Burma 10.7
India 10.24
Thailand 10.16
Cambodia 10.04
South Korea 9.66

Ok, I know, this isn’t exactly scientific! 39 of the countries figures appear to come from universities or other such establishments, but the years are a little off. The top 6 countries figures come from uni’s, but the 8 after that don’t tell us where the info comes from.

Either way, lets use this map for what it’s meant to be used for……….. bragging that British sausage is bigger than Irish, American, Australian and Russian

Japan: Before and After Tsunami Pictures

I’m sure you all agree with me that the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan has been an astonishing reminder of the power of Mother Nature and no matter how powerful we think we are, we’re still small-fry in comparison. My heart goes out to all those that have been affected by this truly tragic event.

I found this piece on ABC News with before and after pictures of the areas most effected by the tsunami. They make for astonishing viewing (if anyone knows how I could have embedded the pictures rather than just link, please e-mail me the instructions or leave them in the comments) Roll the mouse from left to right on each picture to see the difference:


Hòa thượng Thích Quảng Đức

Ok, so self-immolation has been going on for centuries, particularly in India. But for most of the western world, the first time we ever heard of this type of protest was when a buddhist monk in Vietnam sat down at a crossroads in Saigon on 11th June 1963, had 5 litres of gasolene poured over him and dropped a lit match into his lap. He did this in reaction to the Buddhist Crisis  and treatment by the ruling administration in South Vietnam, Ngo Dinh Diem being the president at the time. It was caught on film for the world to see:

I’m not posting this for shock value or for any political reason. I simply think it needs sharing. I think the world needs to see what true devotion and true belief means. Granted, I can’t believe Thích Quảng Đức did such a thing or why ANYONE would do such a thing, but it is amazing what people will do and the lengths they’ll go to for a cause they truly believe in.

I think the other amazing thing about this particular case is Thích Quảng Đức didn’t move or make one sound while he burned. He fell over after his death, but the whole time he sat in the lotus position and never moved a muscle.


This also got me to thinking of the student protests going on in London of late over the increase to university fees. The students have resorted to violence to try to get their message across. This, historically, has never been a useful tool in protesting or getting what you want. Generally speaking, it has the adverse effect. I wonder what Thích Quảng Đức would have made of these protesters and their methods. Probably agree that it was pointless and will achieve nothing, but I’m not sure how many people would agree that his way was better (although it could be argued he helped the coup take place)

Smoking Will Stunt Your Growth

I’m slacking on my current affairs!  Apparently, the toddler who smokes in Indonesia has given up thanks to a 30 day rehab programme. Bless, I’m glad the authorities in Indonesia help the people quit (obviously do bugger all to stop them starting in the first place)

A 2 YEAR OLD SMOKING!!!!!! I missed out on this one. Apparently, ITN broke the news back in May. How could I have missed this vital piece of journalism?! And how did they find out about this kid?

I’d like to say this was a set-up by the parents to get some well needed cash, but watching how the tubby piece of lard handles his smokes you can tell he’s obviously used to handling them. I’m a reformed smoker, but even in my day, I couldn’t flip my fag like a majorette baton like he is. Very impressive. Bet mummy and daddy are so proud of their little Chunk. For his next trick, he’ll do the “Truffle Shuffle”

But what are his parents thinking of? Surely in this day and age, even in remote villages in Indonesia, people know the health risks of smoking for adults, let alone 2 year old boys. I understand money is a desperate commodity for these people and they will do pretty much ANYTHING to get it, but can’t they see beyond that fact and look at what they are doing to their son? He’s hardly starving is he!!! Stop feeding the little porker and you might save a few rupiah people.

The Forgotten Army

The other day, I blogged some pictures of the Holocaust and commented how we must never forget this part of history.

I’d like to add to this. On 15th May 1945, Japan official surrendered and ended the second world war. We celebrate this day as VJ day. This moment in time may not be as famous to us in Britain as VE day, but it is just as significant in our history and the sacrifice on the par with the European soldiers.

A few figures for you (courtesy of Imperial War Museum, London):

  • The Japanese captured 190,000 Allied PoWs
  • 50,016 of these were from the UK
  • 12,433 UK PoWs were killed or died in Japanese captivity
  • 100,000 British troops fought in the Burma Campaign between 1941 and 1945
  • More than three million Japanese died
  • During the war in the Pacific, the Japanese were famous for total ruthlessness in battle and towards their captives. This can be put down to the Japanese culture of surrender being dishonourable (just what I’ve heard). However, the fact remains that PoW’s held in camps in Thailand and Burma (and others) were treated as sub-humans, brutally beaten and starved. Due to the tropical climate, disease was rife in the camps and little or nothing was done.

    Two emancipated soldiers liberated from a prison camp on Formosa, November 1945

    PoW being executed at a prison camp

    My mother told me of a story: One of her uncles (Billy) fought during the war based in Burma. According to him, his troop used to reccy through the jungle in single file due to the undergrowth and, as a precaution, they would tie a rope around themselves and use it as a guide to know no one got lost. One day, Billy’s friend was bringing up the rear of the column. when they got back to camp, he was no longer there. They went back into the jungle to find him. They found him dead, nailed to a tree. The Japanese had cut the rope and took him from the back of the column without anyone realising.

    Here is a piece by the BBC on the Forgotten Army. The effects of these prison camps became real to me when I tried speaking to an ex-PoW who my mum looked after for my school homework. He refused to speak of it. All he would tell me is that not one night has gone by in 50 years (when I spoke to him) where he has had a full nights sleep. Every night he has woken up suffering nightmares and will never forget. He passed away last year, still never having a peaceful nights sleep.

    During the japanese occupation, they used forced labour to construct a railway from Bangkok, Thailand to Rangoon, Burma. This railway ran for 258 miles through tropical jungles. About 180,000 Asian labourers and 60,000 Allied POWs worked on the railway. Of these, around 90,000 Asian labourers and 16,000 Allied POWs died as a direct result of the project. The dead POWs included 6,318 British personnel, 2,815 Australians, 2,490 Dutch, about 356 Americans and a smaller number of Canadians. this railway became know as The Death Railway

    My point of this is simple and ties in with my Holocaust post: we must study this, learn and evolve. We can never go back to treating people the way these PoW’s were treated. War is not acceptable. Diplomacy is the only way this world can become what we all want: a peaceful place were all can live together.

    *I’d just like to point out that I am in no way against Japanese or Germans. The sins of the father can NEVER be put on the sons and daughters.

    Too Old To Travel?

    I’m still a young, sprightly 26-year-old man, with my whole life ahead of me. But my mind wonders what the future holds.

    My wife is currently expecting our first baby. This is a fantastic thing and I am over the moon about it. What better adventure is there than parenthood. Obviously, I’m terrified of balling it up, but on the whole, excitement is the order of the day. But it is going to change my entire life!

    I’ve always dreamed of travelling. I went to Bangkok for my 21st birthday with my best friend and had the time of my life. ever since then, my one over-riding dream is to travel and see the world. I then met my wife, who never really shared my passion. True, she’s more than happy to go on holiday to places and I have got her to Thailand and Bali, but it’s never been a major thing for her. So my plans of traversing Thailand, Burma, Bangladesh and India have fallen by the wayside, but I always half expected to be able to talk her round. Then we bought a house, so the money disappeared and the responsibilities appeared. Now, the biggest responsibility is about to make an appearance.

    This may sound like I’m moaning and blaming my wife for the circumstances leading to my current position, but I’m not. Far from it. I wouldn’t change things as I love my life. However, I still have to fulfill my dream. Only it looks like this won’t be completed until I’m in my 50’s (barring a lottery win).

    So I guess my question is: how old is too old?

    Without being prejudice or ageist, does being of an older vintage hold you back when travelling to places? Does it make you less inclined to take risks, go without any little luxuries, take a chance on things that younger people wouldn’t think about?

    Again, this all seems very ageist of me and I really don’t mean it to. I just look at my parents. I can’t imagine my mum hiking through jungles to reach some remote village, or travelling through a country on the back of a pick-up on the basis that “Juan the driver said he knew where he was going”. No, she’d want to know the coach was legit, the driver was registered and that the remote village exists and has a nice room for her to freshen up in when she gets there.

    This is all well and good, but it is not the dream I have in my mind’s eye. I picture a back-pack, me walking through towns and villages without a clue where I am and trying to communicate with people. Trying new foods, new experiences, new cultures without any form of preconception or any “necessary” requests. And I’m worried my future age will block this dream.

    But I’m sure if I truly want it and keep the dream in my mind, I can make it come true.

    Let me know about your dreams (travel related or not)

    American or Chinese tonight dear?

    It’s an interesting thought. Are America still the worlds most powerful nation? Sorry, the questions should probably stand as: Are America still the dominant power they used to be?

    It appears to me that the good ol’ US of A have a habit of interfering in other countries problems and issues. True, every now and again it is a good thing (the deposition of Saddam Hussein was a good thing, but maybe not for the right reasons) and even slightly more often, they actually achieve their goals (WW2, as they like to keep pointing out), but they do see themselves as the worlds righteous police department. But are they losing their touch when it comes to “persuading” others to agree with their views?

    Take the whole Israel situation. Now, please correct me if I make any ignorant comments or suggestions, I’ve always been of the belief that America and Israel have a pretty close relationship. Lots of Jewish people lives in the states, America helped in the birth of Israel as a country and supported them in numerous ways (armed them to the teeth in the beginning if I’m not mistaken, along with other western countries) and this had forged a pretty solid relationship. However, it does seem that America gives a lot of political support (ie Gaza situation), asks for little (Israel to stop the illegal building in the West Bank)  and Israel totally ignores their requests.

    North Korea – The 6 party talks are going fine, then someone suggests the DRPK representative picks up the tab for lunch and they storm off without a bye nor leave. Then follows some sabre rattling, with the US and South Korea making some demands and pull a few big show military maneuvers (yes I know they are a yearly thing, but hardly tactful given the circumstances) and North Korea detonotes a nuke and shoots off a few long range missiles, sorry, successfully launches a telecoms satellite into space. So, the rest of the world gets involved and whacks on some restrictions to Kim’s regime and the people suffer. To be honest though, most of the world is pretty tied up in the Middle East and Afghanistan to worry a great deal about North Korea (could be a bit of a silly move) and it’s mainly the States and South Korea trying to sort them out. But they go on, ignoring the powerful USA and the rest of the world (stubborn little mites aren’t they..) and stamping their feet. Once was the time “the Seals” would have been sent in, butchered some people and come out again declaring victory……

    Iran – Oh dear….. Now we are talking about a country who is just TOTALLY spitting in the face of Uncle Sam. Never had a great relationship with the US (or Britain, or any country really come to that) but can you find a more argumentative, despotic, idiotic and down right annoying country than Iran. But I give them kudos, they are taking on “The Big Boys” of the world…… and some would say are winning. It seems you can’t read the news any more without hearing the Iran are planning on making a nuke, or are ignoring UN sanctions or kicking out inspectors. But the biggest headline I think, is the way they are so happy to slag off, insult and do everything they can to get America’s back-up. They say they are infidels, murderers, nothing but scum basically and still, America do nothing. Did Bush get confused when signing the declaration fo war on Iraq?? It’s only 1 letter difference W, was it a bit too complicated for you?

    Still, my point is not to insult America (although it is fun!!) as I think their hearts are in the right place. Just a shame their brains appear to be out for lunch. But once was the time that America could simply ask a country to do something and they would comply. Now they seem to be looking to others to support their claims. Maybe it’s the school yard bully who, has been hit back by the geek once too often, now seeks back-up from the other pupils before he’ll start calling names. This is a good thing in my mind, as hopefully it will stop the shambles that was the Iraq war (yes, we Brits are also to blame for that) and the total travesty and balls up that was Vietnam.

    But are we substituting one power house for another? China seems to be getting a lot of press these days on political issues that, before, would never really have got much input from them. As they are now becoming the biggest exporter of goods on the planet (unofficial as I haven’t checked, but everythings made in china these days), they now have a lot of clout. Will they have to adjust their non-interference policy?

    Your thoughts and comments are more than welcome……