I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but Google has released its answer to Facebook………. Google+! It’s a breath of fresh air and I love it!!

Basically, it seems to be a bit of a cross between Facebook and Twitter, with all of their strengths and none of their weaknesses. Needless to say, I’m loving it.

Instead of having just a list of friends who see everything you post, G+ has something called circles (this is my fav part). In this, you split your friends/relatives/contacts into different circles, then when you post something, you can choose who see’s it (I don’t want my mum seeing pics of me on the lash but my friends would, nor do my rugby chums want to see lots of pictures of my little girl but my family do). Also, you can split out your stream so instead of getting loads of Farmville rubbish all the time, you can select specific circles that will show up. It’s GENIUS!!!

The only issue at the moment is it’s not open to the public yet. Still in test mode and to gain access, you need to be invited. And all you lucky readers can get involved!! I have invites galore, so if you’d care to join up and see what’s got me excited, here’s the link: Google+ Invite There are only 150 invites per person, so be quick.

As it’s still in test mode, I’ll report back with any updates and stuff I find……..


What’s The Big Deal With New Year?

I got to be honest, I’ve never seen the huge
appeal with new years eve (other than an excuse to get very drunk)
I can see the appeal of new year, new start, but you can do that at
any point in the year. So why wait til 31st December to do

So I’m an avid Facebook user and most
of my friends status updates this week have gone along the lines

2011 can’t be
as bad as this year

Thank god this year is

blah, blah, blah, blah………

So I couldn’t help
myself. I had to post up my own little retort to them:


didn’t get too many responses (not wholly unexpected, people never
really like the truth) except from my brother in law. He has been
one of the worst culprits for depressing Facebook messages this
past year. True, he’s had a really awful year, but 50% of it was
avoidable and of his own doing. He wanted to go out tonight to try
and “meet a lady” but I said to him that self pity isn’t exactly
the most attractive attribute in a man………….

does annoy me a little when people moan about their lives being so
hard and bad luck when other people in the world are sooooooooooo
more worse off than the rest of us. We’re moaning because we can’t
afford our nice holiday each year or the petrol has gone up by 3p
per litre. Others have 3p a week to live on, if that! Some people
have never had a lie in, let alone a sun drenched

I just feel at this “special time in
the year”, we need to have a little perspective in our

LUCK FOR 2011!!!

iPhone Takes Me Back To Boyhood

For Sunday lunch today I met my vest friend from London for a pub lunch. My wife came along and so did his other half. We both have iPhones and as we sat chatting, the conversation turned to apps. We sat there, got our phones out and started comparing.

As we went through our respective phones, it was clear to see I had apps he didn’t and vice versa. The majority of the ones he had, I wouldn’t be overly bothered to download. Although he did have two I have since downloaded. And similarly, there were apps I had he didn’t and a few he downloaded there and then.

In the car on the way home, it got me thinking of how similar the scenario was between us and kids in the playground with football stickers. Bare with me on this one:

The album = The iPhone
Stickers = Apps

So you get the two boys in the playground, get out their stickers and compare to see which ones they can swap (usually to the chorus of got, got, need, got, OOOOH SILVER!!!). Then they’d barter to see which stickers they could swap and which ones were suitable for silvers!

This is how it rolled with me and my friend. We sat there, uttering got, got, need, while our other halves stared and shook their heads at our youthful, boylike exuberance. It’s so shocking how our lives seem to come full circle and things are all so similar.

Drunken Girls

For those of you that follow my twitter, I’ve been out with the boys tonight. Last night of session with the rugby boys before my baby arrives.

Now I hate to blow my own trumpet, but I can handle my booze. It’s midnight, I’ve got my captain off his face due to a little game we played, but I’m fine. I’m currently waiting for a taxi and watching people.

Now watching people is a past time of mine, but I’ve never really watched drunk girls when I’ve been sober(ish). Its really quite embarrassing. These young girls are dressed up with everything hanging out and they can hardly walk!!

I’ve just seen one girl CARRYING her friend down the road. What must their parents think?!? This may sound really cruel, but I can see how some girls get attacked and things.

God, I’m sounding REALLY old now…..

Photo’s from Berlin

If you are a regular reader of my blog (and I do hope so of you out there would be), you’ll know I was married last year and ventured off to Berlin for my stag weekend. There were photos taken on this weekend and, after a long censoring process so as not to reveal any secrets of the Stag (as per Law of the Stag article 1) I’ve finally managed to get some up here.

Apologies for the quality of some of them as they were on camera phones and being handled by EXTREMELY drunken bums:

The Speed of Love

I’m a bit bah humbug when it comes to Valentines day. Made up by commercial money grabbing companies. I’m all up for the principal of the day of love and being with people you love, but isn’t that the problem with the day also?

Basically, we set one day aside every year to tell that special person what they mean to you. Don’t you find that totally synonymous with the age we live in? There are 364 days in a year and we set just 1 day aside. What, are we too busy the other 363 days?

But I don’t think that’s the real problem. The real problem is that we have to be reminded to spend one day telling people we love them. We actually need reminding by these big greetings card companies that we have to tell our spouse we love them. I know we men are always being stereotyped as forgetting, but let’s be honest, how many people (men and women) tell their partner you love them every day and not just as something to say when you finish a phone call?

Our lives are all go these days. It seems (in England in any case) that life is always being played in fast forward. Always something to do, always somewhere to be and if this letter doesn’t get posted in the next five minutes, a comet will smack into the planet and destroy all life as we know it leaving only the rats to inherit the Earth. This is all due to how we live our lives. We’re not prepared to wait for things, so the pace of general life is upped without us even knowing about! Fine, no problem with that, especially as I’m one of these impatient people. However……………. it’s a SHIT way to live our lives.

Let me explain. As we go through our daily lives, we categorise things into levels of importance so we can make sure things are done in the right order. A very sensible approach to life. But 9 times out of 10 our priorities are wrong. We’re always so caught up in work, housework, TV programmes, whatever, that we forget to cuddle our partners, ring our parents just to say “hi mum”, go and visit friends for no other reason than you haven’t seen them in a few days. We’re always living for the materialistic side of life that we forget the personal, I hate to say it, spiritual side of life.

May point is that if our lives are so hectic and fast paced that we need a rose and a teddy bear from Clinton’s once a year to remind us of our loved ones, then maybe we need to adjust our outlook and start thinking about what REALLY matters to us.

Then again, you may love your life and one day a year is more than enough……….


Finding Old Friends

You would think that with the explosion of social network sites like Facebook and Twitter, it would be a piece of piss to find an old friend. But what happens if the friend has got married or doesn’t do social networking sites (Yes, there are still some living in the 20th century!)?

I’ve been thinking for a while about contacting a few old friends and building some bridges I completely demolished, but I’ve no idea how to start. It was years ago I knew them, so the likely hood of them or their family living in the same house is remote. Feasable, but remote. I guess sending a letter with my e-mail and asking for them to get in touch with me could be done.

If I’m honest, I doubt I’ll do it anyway. I get these crazy notions every now and again. Would be real good to catch up, but can your past, present an future mix?