Funny or Bullying?

I first saw this video a few weeks back and I found it hilarious:

Of course, I found this funny for the same reason I’m sure all of you are now laughing away. Since then, I’ve found a few more videos online staring this guy:

And then an interview (of sorts from a bedroom) with the main man himself made by his buddy:

Up until this point, I thought this was still really funny. True, the guy does seem a little slow and at some point you have to wonder is it really fair to be laughing at him rather than with him, but I was happy enough wetting myself laughing at the enthusiasm he throws into his singing and the fact he really doesn’t care what people think. That was until I saw this vid:

Now I appreciate that some people do not want to hear a guy singing his little heart out on the bus first thing in the morning, especially if he can’t hold a note. But there is no need to throw things at him and be generally horrid. We live in the 21st century where we’re supposed to be accepting, kind, understanding people who look on ourselves and our community with this attributes. I can’t see that from this video. I have to be honest that I stopped watching about 1.17 as I suddenly felt so sorry for the guy and ashamed at myself for laughing at his videos. Does laughing at the videos make me just as bad as the clowns who were throwing things at him?

I’m sure we’ve all been in this sort of situation. A misfortunate person, such as Carmine, does something that we find funny. This may be singing or falling over or dancing or anything but we laugh. At the time, I’m sure 95% of don’t think anything malicious about it. It’s simply another human being doing something funny. But does that make it right? How does that person feel? Are they trying to make us laugh or just doing something they like to do and would feel upset at being laughed at?

I don’t know if I’m being too touchy, but I hate to think of someone being bullied, let alone being bullied on the scale of having a video of them posted on YouTube for millions to see and laugh at.

Then again, am I making things worse by posting the vids in this blog? Damn, having a conscience is tough!!!

Can This Really Be True?

After the terrible performance of last years world cup, Wayne Rooney seems to be finding his form again (regardless of his foul mouth and awful attitude in general). This can only be good for English football and football in general.

But have you ever wondered of the price of insuring a footballer of this calibre? I don’t know about you, but it’s kept me awake at night……. (er….) So our friends over at have done the calculation for us. Enjoy:

Maybe I won’t complain about my car premium’s again………….

Top Gear Vs Tesla

I am a HUGE Top Gear fan. I think the programme is hosted by witty, entertaining people and that have the right mix of enthusiasm for what they do, love of what they talk about and entertainment value for the masses.

True, the show has deviated somewhat from its initial birth of a “motoring show” to a more “entertainment show involving fast cars”. Which is just fine for me. If I want motoring for the car enthusiast, I’ll switch over to Fifth Gear. I want to see a Ferrari race against a plane from the south of France to London. I want to see caravans get blown up. I want to see epic journey’s across the north pole in a sup’d-up-pick-up truck while they flaunt the fact there are no drink-drive laws there to stop them partaking in a G&T while crashing through an iceberg.

One of the things I truly love about this show though, is the tongue in cheek approach they have to many things. Take for example, the episode featuring the reliant robin. Genius. Poked fun at it, at the drivers and the image of the vehicle, without being overly insulting to something that, thanks to Del Boy, is a national icon.

So when electric sports car company Tesla gave their new baby to the Top Gear boys to review, I honestly thought them to be a tad fool hardy. This show is world-renowned. It is run, produced and hosted by petrol heads. They are going to start off being slightly against an electrical car in any case. Couple that with their general approach to reviewing things (eg. Reliant Robin), I thought Tesla might have expected a few little digs. And to be honest, they got it! The show was broadcast back in December 2008, so why they have left it sooooo long to object is beyond me (publicity I’m guessing).

But things seem to be hotting up now. Generally, the BBC don’t tend to make a big song and dance about legal action. Lets look at the Mexico incident a few months back, where the Top Gear presents (pattern emerging here?) insulted a Mexican car and therefore the Mexican people. The ambassador for Mexico kicked off, but the Beeb coolly dealt with it. This case, however, Tesla seem determined to keep in the public eye (again, publicity purposes?). I found this response from the Executive Producer of Top Gear, Mr. Andy Willman.

So it seems Aunty is showing a little fighting spirit. I think they should win. Tesla will get the publicity for its Scalextric car and we can all go on with our viewing pleasure of one of the greatest shows: Top Gear.


The World’s Penis Size Revealed

I came across one of the most random sites I’ve ever seen. It is a global map of the average penis size by country.

So let’s digest this a little.

We can see the old myth of Asian men being “smaller” than the average man is being confirmed by the SUPER scientific map and that African men are still “the big boys” on the block.

For me, the surprise runner in all this are the South America crew. Check out those bad boys!! 3 countries in the top 5 are South American with only 2 being African. Here is the list with biggest first:

Territory Name Value
Congo 17.93
Ecuador 17.77
Ghana 17.31
Venezuela 17.03
Colombia 17.03
Lebanon 16.82
Cameroon 16.67
Bolivia 16.51
Hungary 16.51
Sudan 16.47
Jamaica 16.3
Panama 16.27
Benin 16.2
Brazil 16.1
Peru 16.03
Haiti 16.01
Puerto Rico 16.01
France 16.01
Dominican Republic 15.99
Senegal 15.89
Burkina Faso 15.89
Czech Republic 15.89
The Gambia 15.88
Cuba 15.87
Netherlands 15.87
Belgium 15.85
Zambia 15.78
Belize 15.75
Italy 15.74
Angola 15.73
Egypt 15.69
Zimbabwe 15.68
Guatemala 15.67
Georgia 15.61
Paraguay 15.53
Nigeria 15.5
Chad 15.39
Central African Republic 15.33
South Africa 15.29
Denmark 15.29
Nicaragua 15.26
Cote d’Ivoire 15.22
Slovakia 15.21
Uruguay 15.14
Slovenia 15.13
Mexico 15.1
Gaza Strip 15.06
Morocco 15.03
Bulgaria 15.02
Tunisia 15.01
Costa Rica 15.01
Honduras 15
El Salvador 14.88
Argentina 14.88
Serbia 14.87
Sweden 14.8
Croatia 14.77
Albania 14.73
Greece 14.73
Suriname 14.67
Belarus 14.63
Chile 14.59
Iceland 14.56
Iran 14.55
Iraq 14.5
Germany 14.48
Eritrea 14.39
Israel 14.38
Switzerland 14.35
Norway 14.34
Poland 14.29
Somalia 14.2
Algeria 14.19
Austria 14.16
Turkey 14.11
Cape Verde 14.05
New Zealand 13.99
Macedonia 13.98
Ukraine 13.97
United Kingdom 13.97
Canada 13.92
Greenland 13.87
Spain 13.85
Estonia 13.78
Finland 13.77
Libya 13.74
Azerbaijan 13.72
Afghanistan 13.69
Turkmenistan 13.48
Ethiopia 13.39
Australia 13.31
Armenia 13.22
Russia 13.21
United States 12.9
Ireland 12.78
Mongolia 12.77
Romania 12.73
Yemen 12.72
Pakistan 12.2
Indonesia 11.67
Singapore 11.53
Malaysia 11.49
Vietnam 11.47
Bangladesh 11.2
Hong Kong 11.19
Japan 10.92
China 10.89
Sri Lanka 10.89
Philippines 10.85
Taiwan 10.78
Burma 10.7
India 10.24
Thailand 10.16
Cambodia 10.04
South Korea 9.66

Ok, I know, this isn’t exactly scientific! 39 of the countries figures appear to come from universities or other such establishments, but the years are a little off. The top 6 countries figures come from uni’s, but the 8 after that don’t tell us where the info comes from.

Either way, lets use this map for what it’s meant to be used for……….. bragging that British sausage is bigger than Irish, American, Australian and Russian

Illegal To Lie Down In London

Have the people in charge of our great nations capital gone insane?! According to this bylaw, it will now be illegal to lie down in public, give out refreshments for free (there go soup kitchens I guess) and god forbid you should EVER put down a pillow you’d just bought on the floor in public……..

Noah vs The Council

My step-uncle is not only an amazing author of 3 books, but a word-smith with an apparent knack of telling it how it is. He was recently “bored” and decided to re-write the Bible and bring it into the modern era:

In the year of Our lord 2011, Noah was living above a former boatyard
in Caterham Town, along with his sons Ham, Shem and the other one
nobody can ever remember, when the Lord came unto him. “Noah, good
servant of mine.
Once again the world has become wicked and over populated. Build
another Ark and save two of every creature. Then gather around a few
good humans and prepare for the deluge to be visited upon the Earth in
six months. Here are the blueprints for the Ark”
Six months later God returned to Caterham, but there was no sign of
the Ark, just Noah sitting on his arse looking rather dejected in his
boatyard. “NOAH! Where’s the Ark? I’m about to start the rains.”
“Forgive me Lord but I needed a building permit, and these premises
were no longer licensed for boat construction. That took weeks to sort
out. Then the Inspector of Boats insisted I installed a sprinkler
system.(EU Directive 97/EC/1492BC); then the neighbours complained I’d
violated local by-laws by exceeding permitted height limitations, that
took another three weeks to sort out; then I had to source Gopher Wood
from the sustainable Forest of Dean. Don’t even mention the nightmare
I had about getting the animals-the trouble I’ve had with the RSPCA.
Then the Environmental Agency turned up. They want an Environmental
impact study on your proposed flood.”….”As for the crew.” Noah
continued. “I had the Racial Equality lot here last week demanding we
follow correct interviewing procedures, with the composition of the
crew reflecting diversity among all religious, cultural and ethnic
groups. Its doing my ‘ead in Lord!”
Suddenly the clouds rolled away, the sun came out and a glorious
rainbow stretched across the sky. Noah looked up in wonder scratching
his arse. “Lord does this mean you’re not going to destroy the world?”
“No I’m not.” said God. “The Government has already f**ked it for me.”

Certainly made me laugh!

Let me know what you think and please do check out his books. They are based on fact relating to Jews during World War II and the stories and details are brilliant. Amazing writing and truly moving. You can get the books here.