Super Obama

I’m British. I’m not English, I’m British. My mother is Scottish, my father is English, I’ve got family ties to Ireland and I love the lot of it.

However, I have to admit to feeling so excited and hopeful about the new President of the United States of Britain, sorry America (Still find it hard to accept the British Empire is no more. hehe), President Barak Obama.

Now, as much as the world hates to think it, the USA is in control of a whole heap of power when it comes to the world in general. It’s their banks that have caused this world wide credit crunch, their actions in Iraq and Afghanistan (our politicians wouldn’t have had the balls to do any of that without the Americans say so) that started the war on terror. Pretty much all aspects of our lives are in some way related to the states. It pains me to say it, but there you go.

But this guy Obama, wow, I’m feeling good. I don’t think a politician, regardless of his skin, party or words, has caused this much expectation and already, he’s delivering. He’s closing Guantanimo bay, he’s looking at the states fuel usage and pollution outputs to try and help greenhouse (something the previous powers wouldn’t even ADMIT was happening!!), he’s trying to build bridges in the Islamic world and middle east (apart from just bombing them), he’s pulling troops out of Iraq to let them try and govern themselves. This man has only been in power for a week or so and has already done more in that short time than Gordon Brown has done in months.

I truly believe this could be the turning point for the world. I don’t believe he is a war monger like W, or a spineless pussy like Clinton, but a man of moral fibre and so far, things are looking promising.

The American people also seem to be behind him. Normally you hear that the country is divided politically, but not so much now. From what I see, the only divide over Obama is a race issue (which America has a cancerous problem with anyway). The backing of the American people is a vital part of world peace in my opinion. As a democratic country, if they don’t support him, he’ll be out (no mention of W’s second term please). So his speech the other day when he commented on world issues and America’s need to relate and understand them is a majorly powerful sign.

Right now, America have every right to be the proudest nation because they have a leader who seems fair, just, honestly concerned not only with internal, but worldwide politics and also a HUGE sign that they are beating the cancer of racism in their country.

From your cousin across the pond, (albeit through gritted teeth) GO U.S.A!!!!