The Wife’s Pregnant!

Yes, I am a man and the little guys are firing live rounds! My wife is pregnant in the first few months of trying. Pretty impressive as they say it can take up to 6 months for the pill to flush out of the system.

I have to admit, being a dad has always been my BIGGEST fear. I’ev been petrified for years. I was always under the impression I could hardly look after myself, let alone a new baby. Plus, I’m quite a selfish person. I don’t mind admitting it, but I like my own time and to be left alone, which having a baby slightly cuts down on.

Anyway, the wife has been banging on about kids for years. I agreed once we got married, we could try (thinking it would take a while!)

So once we did the test and the result came back positive, I have to admit, I was over the moon! I couldn’t believe how happy I was. Really strange feeling, being so scared, but once it happens, being so happy.

Anyway, the little ‘un is due on our first wedding anniversary. We’re not going to find out the sex, fancy having a little surprise.

The only draw back is the “morning” sickness. Well, I use the term lightly. All day moaning sickness is probably a better description!! I’m doing so much to make her comfortable, I feel like I’m going to drop! Cooking, cleaning, tidying up, running baths, making beds, all this after a horribly long day at work. I’m exhausted and all the sympathy is for her! So unfair……….

Still, be worth it when the child is 18 and can legally take the Old Man to the pub for a few bevvies.