And Who Said British Politics Was Boring

Today is the day for the General Election in Britain. It’s the closest run election in years and we’re looking at a hung parliament if all sources and opinions polls are to believed. The main problem for this is the age old issue of our politicians being untrustworthy, slimy, dull private school boys with no touch on reality.

In the last round of elections for our MEP’s, the British National Party got a shock result by gaining two seats. This outraged the nation as the BNP are believed to be a racist political organisation. The BBC invited Nick Griffin onto Question Time in light of the result and he was torn to shreds and shown for the farcical plank he really is.

But one thing the BNP are is not dull:

Now I have to say, I think the young Asian men walked over looking for trouble. You can tell by their saunter, needless language and the spit in the face. But this only showed the BNP for their true selves as, after this spit, the gloves came off (literally) and everyone piled in for a huge street brawl! Obviously, the young guy should NOT have spat in Mr. Bailey’s face, but his reaction was a total disgrace. How can this man hope to represent a constituency of people when he reacts like this? Politicians are always being abused (verbally and physically) but they have to accept that as figureheads, they will be inline for this sort of attention.

The worst part was his entourage. Instead of trying to split the brawl up, the jumped in and started kicking and punching also! Absolutely, the three asian lads were so wrong and should be punished within the law, but so should Mr. Bailey and his cronies. Would David Cameron and his Torries kick off in the street?

BNP on Question Time

I’m sitting here watching the BBC Question Time program. It’s caused so much contraversy due to the leader of the BNP being allowed to sit on the panel.

I’m trying really hard to give him a fair hearing, but when he makes comments about “British indiginous people being around for 17,000 years” I have to laugh!!! This man is, at the end of the day, representing our country in Europe. Considering the Celtic people came to Britain from France, followed by the Romans (Italian), then come the Germanic Anglo-Saxons, mixed with a few Scandinavian Vikings, then finishing with the Norman (French) invasion, I find it difficult to find where the indiginous british have gone!

He then is questioned about denying the holocaust. He only says he doesn’t deny it because of European law. Surely being part of the BRITISH National Party, he surely shouldn’t care what Europe thinks. I’m just disgusted that he didn’t come out and say that the holocaust happened. Who could ever say such a thing!?!?!

But with that in mind, he is the only one giving straight answers. True they are total rubbish, but the other politicians are skirting round questions and just frustrating me.

So it appears to me we have a choice: a straight shooting, complete idiotic, single minded bigot or underhanded, untrustworthy, self centred liars.

You’ve got to LOVE politics.