American or Chinese tonight dear?

It’s an interesting thought. Are America still the worlds most powerful nation? Sorry, the questions should probably stand as: Are America still the dominant power they used to be?

It appears to me that the good ol’ US of A have a habit of interfering in other countries problems and issues. True, every now and again it is a good thing (the deposition of Saddam Hussein was a good thing, but maybe not for the right reasons) and even slightly more often, they actually achieve their goals (WW2, as they like to keep pointing out), but they do see themselves as the worlds righteous police department. But are they losing their touch when it comes to “persuading” others to agree with their views?

Take the whole Israel situation. Now, please correct me if I make any ignorant comments or suggestions, I’ve always been of the belief that America and Israel have a pretty close relationship. Lots of Jewish people lives in the states, America helped in the birth of Israel as a country and supported them in numerous ways (armed them to the teeth in the beginning if I’m not mistaken, along with other western countries) and this had forged a pretty solid relationship. However, it does seem that America gives a lot of political support (ie Gaza situation), asks for little (Israel to stop the illegal building in the West Bank)  and Israel totally ignores their requests.

North Korea – The 6 party talks are going fine, then someone suggests the DRPK representative picks up the tab for lunch and they storm off without a bye nor leave. Then follows some sabre rattling, with the US and South Korea making some demands and pull a few big show military maneuvers (yes I know they are a yearly thing, but hardly tactful given the circumstances) and North Korea detonotes a nuke and shoots off a few long range missiles, sorry, successfully launches a telecoms satellite into space. So, the rest of the world gets involved and whacks on some restrictions to Kim’s regime and the people suffer. To be honest though, most of the world is pretty tied up in the Middle East and Afghanistan to worry a great deal about North Korea (could be a bit of a silly move) and it’s mainly the States and South Korea trying to sort them out. But they go on, ignoring the powerful USA and the rest of the world (stubborn little mites aren’t they..) and stamping their feet. Once was the time “the Seals” would have been sent in, butchered some people and come out again declaring victory……

Iran – Oh dear….. Now we are talking about a country who is just TOTALLY spitting in the face of Uncle Sam. Never had a great relationship with the US (or Britain, or any country really come to that) but can you find a more argumentative, despotic, idiotic and down right annoying country than Iran. But I give them kudos, they are taking on “The Big Boys” of the world…… and some would say are winning. It seems you can’t read the news any more without hearing the Iran are planning on making a nuke, or are ignoring UN sanctions or kicking out inspectors. But the biggest headline I think, is the way they are so happy to slag off, insult and do everything they can to get America’s back-up. They say they are infidels, murderers, nothing but scum basically and still, America do nothing. Did Bush get confused when signing the declaration fo war on Iraq?? It’s only 1 letter difference W, was it a bit too complicated for you?

Still, my point is not to insult America (although it is fun!!) as I think their hearts are in the right place. Just a shame their brains appear to be out for lunch. But once was the time that America could simply ask a country to do something and they would comply. Now they seem to be looking to others to support their claims. Maybe it’s the school yard bully who, has been hit back by the geek once too often, now seeks back-up from the other pupils before he’ll start calling names. This is a good thing in my mind, as hopefully it will stop the shambles that was the Iraq war (yes, we Brits are also to blame for that) and the total travesty and balls up that was Vietnam.

But are we substituting one power house for another? China seems to be getting a lot of press these days on political issues that, before, would never really have got much input from them. As they are now becoming the biggest exporter of goods on the planet (unofficial as I haven’t checked, but everythings made in china these days), they now have a lot of clout. Will they have to adjust their non-interference policy?

Your thoughts and comments are more than welcome……

Bad Luck and Bankers

Well, this has got to be the most random day as far as news goes. We have the British bankers (although at present we should substitute the B for a W) trying to prove they are worth serveral £million bonuses and then apologising, half of Australia is on fire, half of Britain is under water (frozen or otherwise) and it appears that the new way to get your political view across is to throw shoes at World Leaders.

Lets start with the devistating fires blazing across Australia. Wow, I can’t get my head round it. What seems like a whole country is on fire! I know they have bush fires there all the time, but this is something else. All those poor people who can do nothing but look on as their entire worldly possessions are incinerated….. breaks the heart, it really does. I think the most distressing thing about this whole problem is the claim some of these fires were started by people! Who in their right mind would want to destroy so many lives, homes and communities? There are some sick and twisted people out there guys.

The banking crisis in Britain is making me laugh (if I didn’t, I think I’d cry!) Every day of our lives, we look to these giant banks and think they are infallible, impenetrable and totally secure. What we didn’t realise was they were being run by performing monkey’s!! It appears the chimps who used to smoke fags on the PG tips adverts had more financial brains than these guys. Ok, that may be harsh, but surely they could see the potential for some pretty big questions should their bonus scheme’s ever make the public eye. Granted, I doubt any of them thought for one second that their bank would be in such a predicament, but still, they could have covered things over just a little better.

Not that it matters, they’ll never give the money back, they’ve pretty much all “retired” of sorts and are enjoying their bonuses while we all suffer their fuck ups. But they said sorry………… Ok, we forgive you………

A man is in court today after throwing a shoe at the Chinese PM the other week while he was visiting London. Are we totally surrounded by muppets?! Ok, his reason was human rights, Tibet blah blah blah, which I fully support. But what the fuck is throwing your shoe at a world leader going to accomplish? All it did was make him look a total lemon in the national papers, give him a wet sock to walk home in and probably a hefty fine for it. And what did he achieve? Zip! He couldn’t even throw it straight and hit the guy!! At least the Iraqi plank who threw his shoe at Bush had it on target!