Grit and Determination…. What Do You Mean “They Don’t Come For Free?!”

I’ve been training at my MMA gym for about 5 months now. If truth be told, at the beginning of December, I was looking to throw it off as I just couldn’t get my head around the grappling aspect of the game. Unlike my coach, I struggle immensely with personal drive and determination.

I’m going to start with my coach. He is one of the most genuinely nice people I have ever had the pleasure to have met. Many times in life, you meet someone and say: “What a nice guy” but they’re just a regular person who isn’t horrid. Then you meet someone who goes the extra mile, who genuinely cares about people and isn’t out for number 1. This is my coach. I don’t think I’ve ever heard him be negative about anything, even after one of our fighters was cheated out of victory in his first fight and the rules changed on the day of the event. Every time I speak to him or read his Facebook, I hear/see nothing but positive vibes oozing from him. Not to mention determined. He’s done things this year most people talk about but never bother. Setting up seminars with internationally renowned fighter and  without the backing of big named gyms/promotions to swing the deal.

So my point of this blog is not to say what an amazing guy he is. The point of this blog is to try and take from him that determination. I’m probably the opposite from him. The most committed thing I’ve done is get married and have a baby. Every day, I get into work thinking “I’ve got this to do/that to do and I will do it by the end of the day”…… Then I sit there and write a blog. At the end of the week, when my boss is screaming at me for late submission of accounts or something else, I get upset and wonder why!!

My problem is I have:

  1. A short attention span
  2. No self drive

Number 1 is difficult to deal with, or at least I think it is WITHOUT number 2. I deal with number 2, that will smash number 1 out of the park. But how do you go about motivating yourself? How can you change your perspective to gain a drive in your life? The perfect example is this: I sign up for a gym, do the induction, go a few times but never really break a sweat. Then I leave it and watch the money drain from my bank every month. However, I go to rugby or mma training, I bust a gut with someone yelling at me and I get so much more from it. Is it boredom? Could be partially it. Is it laziness in that I need someone to stand over me while I do things?

Not sure either way, but I have to change it soon. I’ve so many options available to me to make a better life but without this drive, I’ll let everyone single one of them slip me by. Guess I should stop blogging and get on with my mountain of work now

A Sporting Dilemma

As my regular readers will be aware, I have played rugby all of my life. I love the game and it has given me so much, including very good friends.

I was on Facebook the other day when I saw something quite disturbing. A friend of mine (one of the “old boys” from the rugby club) had put a very disturbing status up:

so any 1 wonder why (name removed) is in hospital , infection frm pinnin in his grion , thiven junkie low life c..t , stole frm his MUM’s , stole frm his sister who put him up when noone wanted him , then stole frm his auntie who also put hm up after stealin frm his sisters , role n die u low life c..t lol xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Now this is some pretty harsh words. I have played rugby with the gentleman in question and this brings me to my dilemma. If he is indeed a junkie (can’t believe everything you read online, but the guy who posted this is related in some way to the person in question), can I ever play rugby with him again?

Before you judge me, let me make my case. It is a known fact the drug users are not exactly fussed about using clean, sterile needles every hit and, as a consequence of this, can and do contract certain infections and diseases from the dirty needles (such as HIV, hepatitis etc.). These infections and diseases can be passed from one person to another in various methods, including blood.

Now for the uneducated, rugby is a very physical game and cuts and bleeding are par for the course of a normal game (this weekend is a prime example where a team-mate of mine needed stitches in the top of his head after being kicked, by accident). Because of these types of diseases, we are no longer allowed such things as a bucket of water and sponge to clean cuts as infections can be spread in this manner. I know every time I walk on to the pitch, I run the risk of receiving an infection (ridiculously small risk, but still present), but I never think of it and it never really concerns me. However, I’m not so sure I can say the same thing now.

So the questions are:

  1. Can I happily play a contact game where bleeding can/does occur with a “known” drug user is also playing, let alone share a shower with him after the game?
  2. Should I mention this to my captain, as I’m not sure he would have seen the Facebook soap-opera?


I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but Google has released its answer to Facebook………. Google+! It’s a breath of fresh air and I love it!!

Basically, it seems to be a bit of a cross between Facebook and Twitter, with all of their strengths and none of their weaknesses. Needless to say, I’m loving it.

Instead of having just a list of friends who see everything you post, G+ has something called circles (this is my fav part). In this, you split your friends/relatives/contacts into different circles, then when you post something, you can choose who see’s it (I don’t want my mum seeing pics of me on the lash but my friends would, nor do my rugby chums want to see lots of pictures of my little girl but my family do). Also, you can split out your stream so instead of getting loads of Farmville rubbish all the time, you can select specific circles that will show up. It’s GENIUS!!!

The only issue at the moment is it’s not open to the public yet. Still in test mode and to gain access, you need to be invited. And all you lucky readers can get involved!! I have invites galore, so if you’d care to join up and see what’s got me excited, here’s the link: Google+ Invite There are only 150 invites per person, so be quick.

As it’s still in test mode, I’ll report back with any updates and stuff I find……..

What’s The Big Deal With New Year?

I got to be honest, I’ve never seen the huge
appeal with new years eve (other than an excuse to get very drunk)
I can see the appeal of new year, new start, but you can do that at
any point in the year. So why wait til 31st December to do

So I’m an avid Facebook user and most
of my friends status updates this week have gone along the lines

2011 can’t be
as bad as this year

Thank god this year is

blah, blah, blah, blah………

So I couldn’t help
myself. I had to post up my own little retort to them:


didn’t get too many responses (not wholly unexpected, people never
really like the truth) except from my brother in law. He has been
one of the worst culprits for depressing Facebook messages this
past year. True, he’s had a really awful year, but 50% of it was
avoidable and of his own doing. He wanted to go out tonight to try
and “meet a lady” but I said to him that self pity isn’t exactly
the most attractive attribute in a man………….

does annoy me a little when people moan about their lives being so
hard and bad luck when other people in the world are sooooooooooo
more worse off than the rest of us. We’re moaning because we can’t
afford our nice holiday each year or the petrol has gone up by 3p
per litre. Others have 3p a week to live on, if that! Some people
have never had a lie in, let alone a sun drenched

I just feel at this “special time in
the year”, we need to have a little perspective in our

LUCK FOR 2011!!!

Immigration – An English Dosers Point of View

When I was growing up in London, I lived in a rather……. impoverished area (ok, it was full to the brim with pikeys and chavs!) and as such, I made friends with them. Since growing up and moving on, I’ve managed to get away from all of that and the lifestyle. However, thanks to the joys of Facebook bringing all and sundry from your past to the present, I’m getting a slight insight into these people’s lives. Here is a direct quote from someone I used to hang with:


So where do I begin? Lets start by saying I’m not going to get on to the subject of UK immigration law and the state of illegal immigration within the British Isles. What I’m going to get on my soap box about is the state of the people writing this sort of pap!

I’ll start with the small stuff. Typing in caps lock for a prolonged period on an internet site is considered shouting and rude. In the 21st century with pretty much everyone online, these people should know this (especially as they spend all their time on these sites!)

Then, there’s the “text speak”. Is it so hard to type in full and correct sentences? Since when did U replace YOU in the English language? I’m pretty sure the person writing this knew the existence of spell checker as there is not an ice cubes chance in hell of them EVER spelling those big words (like job) correctly.

Now we move onto the real reason this persons status has riled me. This person has NEVER had a job, has several kids by different fathers and has a cushy council house and lives on benefits from the government. Then she has the audacity to go and post this on her Facebook status! So does being English entitle her to be a bum and suck the hard-working tax payers money from valuable assets like the NHS? How dare another person come in and do the same(!) I don’t think I’d be quite so heated by this if the person had an original thought in their head or if they were educated and based their assumptions and opinions on something other than the headlines of the Daily Star newspaper.

As I said, I know this person and my description of them is totally accurate. I think the only form of tax this person pays is the VAT on her cigarettes (which I doubt she even buys in the shop, probably imports from Big Dave at the market).

Now, I’m not saying I disagree or agree with her point of view (that’s a far bigger discussion to have at a later date and I don’t know enough about it to lead it), my point is I’m fed up with the rumours and myths that permeate society in relation to the government and UK law which people believe are fact.

Example: The EU has banned all bent cucumbers from being sold in the UK

Oh please! I’m sure you’ve heard this or something very similar. People take these things as gospel, just because their friend told them down the pub and “he knows his stuff” or they saw it on someones Facebook status (see what I did there?) and they start blaming the government for something that is totally untrue. The scary thing is, these people who believe these things then go and vote for the party they believe will stop all this. That’s how fanatical fascist type parties come to power and countries fall into the mire.

I beg you all, spread the word of education and please, for the love of god, don’t believe someones Facebook status without evidence!

21st Century Chatting

I’ve had my iPhone for over a year and my wife has constantly moaned that I’m always using it. I laughed it off and told her to stop being so silly.

Now her mobile has been an aged thing that she’s had for 2 years! Can you imagine?! This thing didn’t even have wap!!!! So I finally persuade her to come into the 21st and buy a smart phone. I did try and convert her to the iPhone, but she wasn’t keen (Christ knows why as she used mine enough). Instead she went for the new HTC desire. Very nice phone, but a bit too ott compared to the iPhone.

Since having this phone, her Facebook is being battered!!! She’s on the damn thing more than I am, and I blog! Picture the scene, we have two sofas in our front room, me on one and her on the other. We haven’t spoke for an hour and a half, her on facebook, me on the blog (plus I have Lara Croft on tv distracting me slightly).

Has technology replaced good ol’ fashion chit chat? It’ll probably be easier to email her for a cup of tea than ask!