The Rabbi, The Priest and The Muslim

Time to get up on my religious soap box!

Just read this blog regarding a piece of art based from Spanish artist Eugenio Merino:

Now, the essence of this piece is at the bottom is a Muslim bent over praying, on his back is a Christian priest kneeling in prayer and standing on his shoulders is a rabbi praying. They all have prayer books, but not their own. The Rabbi has the Koran, Priest the Torah and the Muslim the bible.

To my mind, it’s a thought provoking piece. I look at it as the fact that all three religions worship the same God (true, through different paths) and this piece is simply showing that we are all aiming in the same direction. But, of course, people instantly look for who it will offend and in this day and age, who can blame them when cartoons are causing riots, the arrest of a nations leaders son cause for Jihad to be called against an entire country (yes, Mr. Gaddafi wants to destroy Switzerland! and simple comments can cause such outrage! Good job Monty Python created “Life of Brian” when they did, or the world would never have known such amazing comedy!

I’m not going to get into the debate already raging on the other blog on whether this piece is right, wrong, who it offends, how it offends and the like. I’m more interested in the essence behind the argument.

So where do we draw the line between insightful, artistic and genius creations meant to force us to contemplate life and probe at it’s very meaning and plain, down right insulting items meant for nothing more than to hurt and offend people?

Do we have to draw the line at all? What would happen to, say, the BNP (forgive me if you’re outside of Britain) if everyone who read their racist leaflets and thought “poor deluded fools”, threw them away and forgot all about the BNP? They’d cease to exist. These types of people who are out to hurt and offend feed off peoples reactions. If they don’t get a reaction, they will simple fade away.

We need to stop over-reacting to every little thing. Muslims need to stop calling for Jihad on everyone who disagrees with the Koran. Jews need to stop feeling the victim (yes, I know you have been for centuries) and thinking everyone is out to get them. Christians need to stop thinking they have all the answers and that they’re superior.

We should all just agree to disagree. Failing that, do away with religion TOTALLY! That way, no bugger is right or wrong.

Whatever Happened to the Nativity Play?

My niece has a Christmas play tomorrow. I can’t go as parents only, which is fine, but it got me to wondering if it’s a traditional nativity play or not.

It seems to me that the old tradition of a schools Christmas nativity play has died. Everywhere I turn, it’s a “holiday play” or “school play”, never Christmas or nativity play. This, it seems, is so everyone can join in, regardless of faith.

Now I’m all up for living together and sharing etc. but I find this a total disgrace!! Christmas is a Christian time for christian faiths. Why would Hindu’s, Jews, Muslims, or atheists want to be a part? And why should we lose a tradition and part of our faith so others can join in? I don’t ask Muslims to change their eating habits during Ramadam, or ask Hindu’s to adjust their celebrations during Divali.

I hope people don’t see this as a dig at any religion or belief. I love the variety and spice different people and cultures have and I think that’s what makes humanity such an amazing thing. It’s a dig at mindless bureaucrats who have changed our way of life so as not to upset anyone.

The point is Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus. The nativity is a way to teach this story to children. If you change this, you change the meaning of Christmas. If you change the meaning of Christmas, then you change the whole being of Christmas. If you do that, then what the fuck do we spend £100’s on every bloody year?

The Nativity play was central to my Christmas growing up at school and it upsets me that my niece, my newly born nephew and my unborn child might not get to enjoy the joys and fun i had with the Nativity play. What’s next to go, the Christmas Carol service?!?!?

Meaning of Christmas

I’m a catholic. Not an avid one, I don’t go to church or stuff, but I do believe. But what I believe in more is the good spirit of Christmas.

I’m sat at an outdoor German Market in the middle of Southampton freezing cold and enjoying a nice cold german beer. Sounds strange but I’m listening to some people playing Christmas carols on brass instruments (probably sally army), looking at students dressed up collecting for charity, people happy and think this is the meaning if christmas.

Now I know it’s to celebrate the birth if Jesus and that is close to my heart, but if people forgot all about that and still celebrated Christmas for being a time of family, joy and giving, would Jesus be that upset?? His message was love one another. Surely that’s what Christmas is all about. Love.

I’m probably going to get some born again Christian email me abuse now, or the pope excommunicate me, but I don’t care. I am of the opinion that if we enjoy christmas, keep true to the spirit of loving, giving and sharing, then God and Jesus will find their way back into it. After all, doesn’t the bible say God Is Love??