iPhone Takes Me Back To Boyhood

For Sunday lunch today I met my vest friend from London for a pub lunch. My wife came along and so did his other half. We both have iPhones and as we sat chatting, the conversation turned to apps. We sat there, got our phones out and started comparing.

As we went through our respective phones, it was clear to see I had apps he didn’t and vice versa. The majority of the ones he had, I wouldn’t be overly bothered to download. Although he did have two I have since downloaded. And similarly, there were apps I had he didn’t and a few he downloaded there and then.

In the car on the way home, it got me thinking of how similar the scenario was between us and kids in the playground with football stickers. Bare with me on this one:

The album = The iPhone
Stickers = Apps

So you get the two boys in the playground, get out their stickers and compare to see which ones they can swap (usually to the chorus of got, got, need, got, OOOOH SILVER!!!). Then they’d barter to see which stickers they could swap and which ones were suitable for silvers!

This is how it rolled with me and my friend. We sat there, uttering got, got, need, while our other halves stared and shook their heads at our youthful, boylike exuberance. It’s so shocking how our lives seem to come full circle and things are all so similar.

Finding Old Friends

You would think that with the explosion of social network sites like Facebook and Twitter, it would be a piece of piss to find an old friend. But what happens if the friend has got married or doesn’t do social networking sites (Yes, there are still some living in the 20th century!)?

I’ve been thinking for a while about contacting a few old friends and building some bridges I completely demolished, but I’ve no idea how to start. It was years ago I knew them, so the likely hood of them or their family living in the same house is remote. Feasable, but remote. I guess sending a letter with my e-mail and asking for them to get in touch with me could be done.

If I’m honest, I doubt I’ll do it anyway. I get these crazy notions every now and again. Would be real good to catch up, but can your past, present an future mix?