New Toy – iPad 2!!

Sod it!

I’ve not blogged for ages and since then, I’ve won a new iPad. So let’s put two and two together and I’ll blog, using my new toy ABOUT my new toy.

So I’m sat at work a few weeks ago when an email pings up from our big accountants saying:

“Here’s your chance to win an iPad 2 3G!”

Normally, those type of emails get filed in the trash folder, but something made me go for this one. So I did their questionnaire and sent it off. Two weeks later, I get a call from our accountants. I think they’re calling me to chase for money we owe them, but it was actually the director calling me to congratulate me on winning! SCHAWEET!!!

I was never going to buy an iPad. I have the iPhone and couldn’t justify paying ¬£500+ for a large iPhone. Since having an iPad, I’m in love with it and take it everywhere! Yes, I still use my iPhone just as much, but the iPad is just nicer for some things. I still stand by the fact I’d never have bought one, but I do love this little gadget!

I’m A Data Whore

I’m an avid iPhone user. I love my iPhone4 and use it ALL of the time for everything I can.

I moved from my 3G to the iPhone 4 back in July and, at the time, my provider (along with the other main providers in the UK) said they were going to start capping data usage on all smartphones at 500mb a month. I looked back through my previous bills and I was averaging just under this a month. So I went with it and stuck with my current provider, even though I felt a little hard done by by having this cap forced on to me. In my mind, the only reason I have an iPhone is to use data and I’m being restricted. Little annoying to say the least, but everyone was doing it, so choices to change weren’t there.

Now, things are different! 3 mobile have announced an unlimited download “Open Plan” for smartphone users. True, 3 are not the biggest provider in the UK and their signal range is….. dubious. However, I think this will really bolster their customer list. If they can get their signal strength right, people WILL move. Hell, after reading this piece by the Guardian, I’m a little gutted I didn’t hold out longer.

But then again, I’ve been thinking the same thing about my iPhone. I know I just said how much I love my phone, and it’s true, it’s a fantastic piece of machinery and I couldn’t live without it anymore. Everything it does is so smooth and streamlined. But my wife has an HTC Desire. I’ve been playing with it (I feel kind of dirty admitting this)……. And I’ve been questioning my iPhone………

Let me break this down before I’m stoned for blasphemy. The iPhone IS amazing. No doubt about it. But it’s as fantastic as Steve Jobs wants it to be. You can’t make it yours. Every one of my friends iPhones, except for the apps, are the same as mine. This is due to the well-known restrictions applied by Apple. Android phones do not have this.

Now my wife’s HTC Desire is not fantastic. The battery life is appalling, seems to crash every now and again and isn’t quite as smooth as the iPhone. But when it’s good, boy is it good!! The Android operating system is so open. You want something, you can have it. Widgets, apps, set-up, and to top it all off, links beautifully with anything Google (for obvious reasons).

The main issue I have is this: Android is running the same path as windows, open to everyone for everything. This could lead to imperfect apps/widgets/software that are slow or crash. Apple is so stringent that these things just don’t happen.

But I’m wondering if I can survive these poor things and move to Android (got 18 months left in my contract, so got a while to think on it and decide which phone would be best) AND on the 3 network ūüôā . I’m such a whore!

Holiday Disaster!

I have just come back from a lovely holiday to Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt (which explains why I’ve not blogged for a while). While I was out there, I used my iPhone to blog a few times and saved it as a local draft on my phone to sync when I got back home (serious lack of internet access out there). I attached pictures and everything.

I get back to Gatwick and switch on my 3G so I could upload them all. To my dismay, all of my holiday blogs had been erased! Christ knows what happened, this is the first major disaster I’ve ever had with my iPhone.

I will endeavour¬†to get some blogs and pics up of my travels and I’ll try to remember all the details……… But that’ll be problematic at best…..

I’m Addicted To The New Gadgets

I gave in about a year and a half ago and got myself an iPhone 3G. Before this, I’d always thought of myself as up to date with modern technologies and liked to think I was “in the know”. However, I’d always held off buying into these things as most of them turn into fads and never REALLY get going or become useful (point of case, Mini Disc players. HUGE FLOP) So I took my time getting the iPhone and I’m glad I did. I think I got it at the perfect time, the crest of the wave as it were.

Since collecting my third arm (as it feels like now), I’ve found myself becoming more and more attracted to gadgets and other computing technology. I love my iPhone 4, with a passion. Everything I need is in it. The only down side is the size. I’m finding more and more that I want something with a bigger screen.

Then what happens, Apple release the iPad…….. Talk about reading my mind!!! However, when I see the price, my heart dropped. I couldn’t justify a bigger iPhone for ¬£500! But I love the idea of having something about this size that does everything, especially as my pc is in the final death throes and will soon go to the scrap heap in the sky.

So I’ve been reading up closely on the tablet revolution that appears to be sweeping the world. Android tablets being promised that will be iPad killers etc. To be honest, they’re all pants. Apple has too much of a strangle hold at the minute. Unless Google release an amazing piece of kit for a fraction of the price, they won’t unseat King Jobs.

But these tablets have brought my attention a piece of kit that’s¬†gone under my radar. NETBOOKS!! Basically, a smaller laptop, screen the same size as a tablet, but with a keyboard (my opinion on touch-screen typing is still out) and the starting costs are about ¬£150! To boot with this, you get USB ports, ethernet, bluetooth, external storage options, larger internal hard drive (starting about 160gb). Job done!

But then I wonder, is this one of those fads I’ve been so good at avoiding in the past? My iPhone is amazing and my pc is dying, so I do need another computing option, but whether to go PC, netbook or tablet is the question.

Any advice on this subject, please help me. I’m looking mainly for surfing, e-mail, chat, blogging, media (music, films and books) and a few online games.

I’ve Finally Jailbroken my iPhone

I’ve taken the plunge and jailbroken¬†my iPhone. All I can say is……. WOOHOO!!!!

Now I’m no app developer¬†or IT whizz. Far from it. I know what I know, and I enjoy what I know. I also like my little enjoyments in life and this jailbreaking business is certainly going to give me the enjoyments! Already, my phone now has a background picture, sounds different (Star Wars theme so a light-sabre sound emits when I lock and unlock my phone…….yes I’m a geek) and performs differently.

I have noticed that the performance is a little……haggered. Nothing drastic, but a definite slowing. Athough at the minute, the enjoyment it’s giving me is far out weighing the sluggishness (however small).

I’m now at the point where I want more. I’ve been flicking through google trying to find different apps, themes, things I can do with my newly released iPhone. If anyone has any hints or tips, put them in the comments and we can all benefit from the wealth of knowledge!

21st Century Chatting

I’ve had my iPhone for over a year and my wife has constantly moaned that I’m always using it. I laughed it off and told her to stop being so silly.

Now her mobile has been an aged thing that she’s had for 2 years! Can you imagine?! This thing didn’t even have wap!!!! So I finally persuade her to come into the 21st and buy a smart phone. I did try and convert her to the iPhone, but she wasn’t keen (Christ knows why as she used mine enough). Instead she went for the new HTC desire. Very nice phone, but a bit too ott compared to the iPhone.

Since having this phone, her Facebook is being battered!!! She’s on the damn thing more than I am, and I blog! Picture the scene, we have two sofas in our front room, me on one and her on the other. We haven’t spoke for an hour and a half, her on facebook, me on the blog (plus I have Lara Croft on tv distracting me slightly).

Has technology replaced good ol’ fashion chit chat? It’ll probably be easier to email her for a cup of tea than ask!