Nice To Know You’re Loved

I’ve fallen a bit behind lately on the latest series of Doctor Who (thank God for sky plus!!) So last night I sat down to try and catch up. I watched the episode with Vincent Van Gogh. As ever, a great episode with inventive ideas and doesn’t leave the viewer feeling childish.

The final scene however had me in tears (nearly anyway, I had to man up in front of the wife). As we all know, Van Gogh was a troubled man with a history of mental illness eventually leading to his suicide (and ear incident). The Doctor and Amy knew this and tried to give him some hope by bringing him to the future to see his paintings in the Musée d’Orsay. Here, he heard just what people thought about his work.

And it got me thinking, wouldn’t you just love to know that someone, somewhere thought you were amazing. We all hear from our parents, spouses, children that they love us and this is fantastic, but to hear it in a different aspect would make you soar.

To put a bit of a morbid approach on it, I’ve often thought what would people say about me at my funeral. Would a lot of people turn up? How many would cry hysterically into their tissues? What words would people use to describe me? You find people don’t tell you what they really think about you when you’re around. To me, when I hear what someone has been saying about me, it really makes me feel special.

I’ve probably not explained myself very well today, but watch the Youtube clip from Doctor Who and you’ll understand what I mean.

Twilight: New Moon is A-Ok!

So I gave in…….. I downloaded Twilight: New Moon last night.

I’ve got to be honest, when it first came out, I wasn’t that bothered about watching it. I downloaded the first Twilight movie out of pure curiosity as I generally love vampire movies (and secretly enjoy the American teen movie). I put it on, settle down for a cross between Interview with a Vampire and 10 Things I Hate About You and get the biggest load of teen emo crap I have ever witnessed! Good lord, surely the youth of today don’t think, talk and act like the star-crossed lovers of this pap?! I thought Bella was suicidal for the majority of the film. For a young couple in love, surely they could both smile once in a while……..

I’m sure I’m going to get electronically lynched for that critical review of the 1st film, but I hope you keep reading.

So I was sitting at home last night, when I had a sudden urge to watch New Moon. Before I could stop myself, I’d hit download on iTunes and it was too late to stop! It finishes and I settle down to watch.


It started off predictably emo and when Edward tells Bella he’s off, I honestly thought I’d see a wrist slitting scene. But all I can say is THANK GOD FOR WEREWOLVES! Jake and the pack saved this movie and quite possibly saved the remaining movies for me. Bella’s “woe is me” factor was dulled down enough to bearable levels, she even smiled in one scene and started to look like the good-looking girl she is. There’s still enough teen distraught emotions flooding the screen for the emotionally retarded among you, I would say MORE than enough man flesh on show from the pack and just the right level of manliness for me not to delete it from my hard drive forever.

Ok, I admit it. I do actually really like this movie (so far anyway). As stated, the beginning was a bit too much for me, but the middle bit (since Jake kicks in) is really starting to grip me. So I guess my annoyance is more with Edward than the movie itself.  Bella seems a mirror for the other characters. When she’s with Edward she’s a strange emo thing. With Jake, she smiles and seems to like life. I’m going with Jake!

Now I have to finish the last 40 minutes of it, but things are looking good and I may go as far as to say I’m intrigued to see the next installment (if anyone can tell me when it’s out and give me a bit of background on it, I’d be grateful)

The Speed of Love

I’m a bit bah humbug when it comes to Valentines day. Made up by commercial money grabbing companies. I’m all up for the principal of the day of love and being with people you love, but isn’t that the problem with the day also?

Basically, we set one day aside every year to tell that special person what they mean to you. Don’t you find that totally synonymous with the age we live in? There are 364 days in a year and we set just 1 day aside. What, are we too busy the other 363 days?

But I don’t think that’s the real problem. The real problem is that we have to be reminded to spend one day telling people we love them. We actually need reminding by these big greetings card companies that we have to tell our spouse we love them. I know we men are always being stereotyped as forgetting, but let’s be honest, how many people (men and women) tell their partner you love them every day and not just as something to say when you finish a phone call?

Our lives are all go these days. It seems (in England in any case) that life is always being played in fast forward. Always something to do, always somewhere to be and if this letter doesn’t get posted in the next five minutes, a comet will smack into the planet and destroy all life as we know it leaving only the rats to inherit the Earth. This is all due to how we live our lives. We’re not prepared to wait for things, so the pace of general life is upped without us even knowing about! Fine, no problem with that, especially as I’m one of these impatient people. However……………. it’s a SHIT way to live our lives.

Let me explain. As we go through our daily lives, we categorise things into levels of importance so we can make sure things are done in the right order. A very sensible approach to life. But 9 times out of 10 our priorities are wrong. We’re always so caught up in work, housework, TV programmes, whatever, that we forget to cuddle our partners, ring our parents just to say “hi mum”, go and visit friends for no other reason than you haven’t seen them in a few days. We’re always living for the materialistic side of life that we forget the personal, I hate to say it, spiritual side of life.

May point is that if our lives are so hectic and fast paced that we need a rose and a teddy bear from Clinton’s once a year to remind us of our loved ones, then maybe we need to adjust our outlook and start thinking about what REALLY matters to us.

Then again, you may love your life and one day a year is more than enough……….


Meaning of Christmas

I’m a catholic. Not an avid one, I don’t go to church or stuff, but I do believe. But what I believe in more is the good spirit of Christmas.

I’m sat at an outdoor German Market in the middle of Southampton freezing cold and enjoying a nice cold german beer. Sounds strange but I’m listening to some people playing Christmas carols on brass instruments (probably sally army), looking at students dressed up collecting for charity, people happy and think this is the meaning if christmas.

Now I know it’s to celebrate the birth if Jesus and that is close to my heart, but if people forgot all about that and still celebrated Christmas for being a time of family, joy and giving, would Jesus be that upset?? His message was love one another. Surely that’s what Christmas is all about. Love.

I’m probably going to get some born again Christian email me abuse now, or the pope excommunicate me, but I don’t care. I am of the opinion that if we enjoy christmas, keep true to the spirit of loving, giving and sharing, then God and Jesus will find their way back into it. After all, doesn’t the bible say God Is Love??