I’m A Data Whore

I’m an avid iPhone user. I love my iPhone4 and use it ALL of the time for everything I can.

I moved from my 3G to the iPhone 4 back in July and, at the time, my provider (along with the other main providers in the UK) said they were going to start capping data usage on all smartphones at 500mb a month. I looked back through my previous bills and I was averaging just under this a month. So I went with it and stuck with my current provider, even though I felt a little hard done by by having this cap forced on to me. In my mind, the only reason I have an iPhone is to use data and I’m being restricted. Little annoying to say the least, but everyone was doing it, so choices to change weren’t there.

Now, things are different! 3 mobile have announced an unlimited download “Open Plan” for smartphone users. True, 3 are not the biggest provider in the UK and their signal range is….. dubious. However, I think this will really bolster their customer list. If they can get their signal strength right, people WILL move. Hell, after reading this piece by the Guardian, I’m a little gutted I didn’t hold out longer.

But then again, I’ve been thinking the same thing about my iPhone. I know I just said how much I love my phone, and it’s true, it’s a fantastic piece of machinery and I couldn’t live without it anymore. Everything it does is so smooth and streamlined. But my wife has an HTC Desire. I’ve been playing with it (I feel kind of dirty admitting this)……. And I’ve been questioning my iPhone………

Let me break this down before I’m stoned for blasphemy. The iPhone IS amazing. No doubt about it. But it’s as fantastic as Steve Jobs wants it to be. You can’t make it yours. Every one of my friends iPhones, except for the apps, are the same as mine. This is due to the well-known restrictions applied by Apple. Android phones do not have this.

Now my wife’s HTC Desire is not fantastic. The battery life is appalling, seems to crash every now and again and isn’t quite as smooth as the iPhone. But when it’s good, boy is it good!! The Android operating system is so open. You want something, you can have it. Widgets, apps, set-up, and to top it all off, links beautifully with anything Google (for obvious reasons).

The main issue I have is this: Android is running the same path as windows, open to everyone for everything. This could lead to imperfect apps/widgets/software that are slow or crash. Apple is so stringent that these things just don’t happen.

But I’m wondering if I can survive these poor things and move to Android (got 18 months left in my contract, so got a while to think on it and decide which phone would be best) AND on the 3 network 🙂 . I’m such a whore!


Yes, I’m finally doing it…… I’M GETTING AN I-PHONE!!

As you can tell, I’m a little excited at this prospect. I admit to loving gadgets. If there is something new out, I want it. True, I never normally get it because just as I’m about to hand over the cold hard cash, my sensible button gets pushed, I realise I won’t actually use it properly and I save my money and walk away (only to go and drink the money on a Saturday night). But this time, it’s different.

I’ve been looking at the i-phone since it came out. The first incarnation didn’t appeal to me as it really didn’t seem that special. However, with the advent of the 3G version, I have to admit to have felt a twang when I read about it.

So I’ve left it this long to see if the twang of wanting it would disappear, as with all my other fads. In honesty, since researching a bit more on the apps and features of it, I probably want it more now. It also helps that I feel Orange (my current network provider) is definitely screwing me somewhere along the line.

So Orange has been cancelled and the I-Phone will be purchased as soon as my PAC code (this enables me to keep my number) comes through. I’ll truly be living in the 21st century with mobile internet, GPS and of course…… 24/7 access to my blog!!!