Everyone needs a Master

I looked on Facebook the other night and my friend’s status was a legendary quote:

Nuk Soo Kow!

Of course, it could only mean that he was watching the movie Kickboxer with the immortal Jean-Claude Van Damme. Straight away, I changed the channel so I too could watch this 80’s classic.

For those of you who have not sampled this cinematic delight, it goes along the typical 80’s martial art line of: white man who thinks he’s hard as coffin nails gets slapped silly by ethnic nutter. Family member wants revenge so seeks the aid of little old man (who is a social recluse) to teach them the secret ways of martial arts so revenge can be had. Final show down always consists of a bloody battle with our hero the victor and little old man standing in the corner smiling and nodding knowingly.

You can’t help but love these films! I’ve watched this one, Karate Kid (1, 2, 3 and 4!) and many others and the one thing running through them all is the little old master who transforms the hero from being a useless whelp to the big strong, ass kicking hero. Wouldn’t we all love one of these!

Xian Chow took a lowly karateka in Jean-Claude and trained him in the ancient art of Muay Thai (although the training they did looked suspiciously like kata which, of course, doesn’t appear in Muay Thai. Not to my knowledge in any case) and gave him the ability to extract his revenge against the hardcore Tong Po!

I’m sure this man needs no introduction. Which child of the 80’s wouldn’t want Mr. Miyagi as their friend and mentor. Daniel LaRusso turns up with no friends and instantly gets bullied (granted he has a dodgy hair-do and deserves it for this reason alone). Then out of no where, the mysterious and masterful Mr. Miyagi comes in, saves the day, teaches him kick-ass karate and mentors him in becoming a man. Daniel gets the girl, beats the bully and becomes a town hero all thanks to the little old man.

Now, who can honestly say they DON’T want

Training Not Quite Going To Plan

All my life I’ve been a rugby player and I absolutely adore the game. Without being too big headed or egotistical, I’m also a pretty talented player. What I mean by this is that it comes very naturally to me (passing, tackling, tactics, positioning) so I don’t have to work as hard as others.

That’s my problem. Because I find it easy I don’t work hard at training and I’ve become fat and lazy.

I’ve just come back from a long term injury and my fitness is shocking. Never been this bad. So now I want to train but my lazy side is making it very difficult.

I’ve also restarted muay Thai. Once again, I’m loving this!!! However, due to my shocking physical state I’m finding this MUCH harder than rugby and it’s embarrassing me!!! At least when I go rugby training I have my skill to hide my unfitness. Not so at Thai boxing.

But I’m trying. I’m trying to get myself motivated to train rugby twice a week and Thai twice a week. I’m failing at the minute, but I’m going to keep trying and hopefully defeat my lazy demons!!!!

Any words of encouragement or advice gratefully received!!!