Is Free Speech For All?

So I’ve just seen a comment on an old post I did on the holocaust. It was posted by someone called Baxter Buber and he simply said:


Why do you post a photograph of typhus victims as evidence for the so-called Jewish holocaust?

So I asked him to explain himself. No reply. So I checked out his website. A supporter for holocaust deniers.

Normally, I wouldn’t give these type of people the satisfaction of mentioning them in my blog, however his website does bring up an interesting debate. In many countries around the world, holocaust denial is a crime. The countries are:

Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Israel,LiechtensteinLithuaniaLuxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, RomaniaSlovakia, and Switzerland (courtesy of Wikipedia)

Now I whole-heartedly believe that the holocaust existed and these atrocious things occurred (how anyone can deny it is truly beyond me), but do people have a right to believe otherwise? Surely we fought the Nazi’s so we could have the right to deny their actions if we wished without fear or persecution.

Of course, these types of subjects have resonating effects to the present. In today’s world, there is still huge amounts of anti-Semitism and racism in all forms and holocaust denial could be seen as fanning these flames. But I still can’t shake the feeling that these people have a right to believe this, just in the same way I have the right to believe in Allah if I wish even though I live in a country where Muslim extremists have blown up my countrymen and attacked my people (just an example, please don’t start calling me a Muslim hater, cause I’m not!).

I want to post the link to this guys website, but I think openly posting it would be giving too much advertisement to a cause I REALLY disagree with. If you want it, e-mail me and I’ll pass it on.

Please, let’s get this discussion going. It’s an important discuss about free-speech, so let’s express our right too it!

A Different Image of Russia

Russia come in out of the Communist Cold in 1991. Well, that’s how some see it.

After my school history lessons, I was always under the impression Russian‘s would have enjoyed turning their backs on communism and Imperial rule, but according to this BBC report, maybe that isn’t the case:

Of course, I don’t take this as the gospel for Russian society views or how 99% of their population feel, but it does make a lot of sense when you look at the state of their country. Or is this simply how the powers that be want us and their own people to view the situation while they sit there and cream off the cash?

I have to be honest, I’ve no idea to the answer. I’ve no comprehension of Russian politics or the views of the people, but it certainly raises interesting questions, when a country of this size and potential power is so unstable.

Then we come to the pole dancing part. Are women REALLY doing that in Russia? Are things that tight that women perfect their sex skills in order to land a wealthy man and essentially become a wag (something lots of Essex girls would be proud of!)? Or was this a freaky, one-off class for peculiar people? I’ve always heard the rumours that there are more women to men in Russia and the women are gorgeous and the men ugly, but is this proof? The comment I loved was along the lines of :

no real woman would believe in women’s rights


I think this video has caused me more questions than answers to a subject I had never really given much thought to, even though Russia has always fascinated me. This country is and always has been a sleeping giant, with its wealth of natural resources and HUGE numbers of man power, could potentially be the new China and influence international politics (even more so than they do already). But this could also be linked in with the way the country is run and the views of the people. More investigation is needed I think on my part.

Immigration – An English Dosers Point of View

When I was growing up in London, I lived in a rather……. impoverished area (ok, it was full to the brim with pikeys and chavs!) and as such, I made friends with them. Since growing up and moving on, I’ve managed to get away from all of that and the lifestyle. However, thanks to the joys of Facebook bringing all and sundry from your past to the present, I’m getting a slight insight into these people’s lives. Here is a direct quote from someone I used to hang with:


So where do I begin? Lets start by saying I’m not going to get on to the subject of UK immigration law and the state of illegal immigration within the British Isles. What I’m going to get on my soap box about is the state of the people writing this sort of pap!

I’ll start with the small stuff. Typing in caps lock for a prolonged period on an internet site is considered shouting and rude. In the 21st century with pretty much everyone online, these people should know this (especially as they spend all their time on these sites!)

Then, there’s the “text speak”. Is it so hard to type in full and correct sentences? Since when did U replace YOU in the English language? I’m pretty sure the person writing this knew the existence of spell checker as there is not an ice cubes chance in hell of them EVER spelling those big words (like job) correctly.

Now we move onto the real reason this persons status has riled me. This person has NEVER had a job, has several kids by different fathers and has a cushy council house and lives on benefits from the government. Then she has the audacity to go and post this on her Facebook status! So does being English entitle her to be a bum and suck the hard-working tax payers money from valuable assets like the NHS? How dare another person come in and do the same(!) I don’t think I’d be quite so heated by this if the person had an original thought in their head or if they were educated and based their assumptions and opinions on something other than the headlines of the Daily Star newspaper.

As I said, I know this person and my description of them is totally accurate. I think the only form of tax this person pays is the VAT on her cigarettes (which I doubt she even buys in the shop, probably imports from Big Dave at the market).

Now, I’m not saying I disagree or agree with her point of view (that’s a far bigger discussion to have at a later date and I don’t know enough about it to lead it), my point is I’m fed up with the rumours and myths that permeate society in relation to the government and UK law which people believe are fact.

Example: The EU has banned all bent cucumbers from being sold in the UK

Oh please! I’m sure you’ve heard this or something very similar. People take these things as gospel, just because their friend told them down the pub and “he knows his stuff” or they saw it on someones Facebook status (see what I did there?) and they start blaming the government for something that is totally untrue. The scary thing is, these people who believe these things then go and vote for the party they believe will stop all this. That’s how fanatical fascist type parties come to power and countries fall into the mire.

I beg you all, spread the word of education and please, for the love of god, don’t believe someones Facebook status without evidence!

Hitler’s A Cool Leader

It appears the West Midlands ambulance service has caused a bit of uproar due to a survey they gave their staff asking them to rate various leaders. One of them was Adolf Hitler:

I’ve often had a similar discussion with many different people. Not necessarily “is he cool?” but more along the lines of a successful leader for his country.

I’d like to point out at this stage that I am NOT a Nazi and never will be. I think they are disgusting and should never be allowed near human society.

Now, back to my point. I have often argued that Hitler was a successful leader and he revolutionised post WWI Germany from a country on it’s knees to one of the strongest in Europe. Obviously, this was on the back of some amazingly sick ideals and laws and at the expense of the likes of the Jews, but nevertheless, he did make Germany a strong country again.

It does leave us the quandry of whether he would have been so successful as a leader in other situations. For example, if Hitler weren’t a Nazi, but a Labour party leader, would he have been such an influential speaker, an innovative thinker in regards to national and international policies and as charasmatic a man?

Some would say not (myself included). It would have been his life experiences and his fierce racist and facist beliefs that made him willing to push through radical policies and his beliefs which made him the potent public speaker that he was. This does leave his natural charisma but this alone is not enough to produce a true leader.

So on that conclusion I’ll leave you with a question: are leaders of people (politicians, soldiers, team captains!) born or created through life experiences?

And Who Said British Politics Was Boring

Today is the day for the General Election in Britain. It’s the closest run election in years and we’re looking at a hung parliament if all sources and opinions polls are to believed. The main problem for this is the age old issue of our politicians being untrustworthy, slimy, dull private school boys with no touch on reality.

In the last round of elections for our MEP’s, the British National Party got a shock result by gaining two seats. This outraged the nation as the BNP are believed to be a racist political organisation. The BBC invited Nick Griffin onto Question Time in light of the result and he was torn to shreds and shown for the farcical plank he really is.

But one thing the BNP are is not dull:

Now I have to say, I think the young Asian men walked over looking for trouble. You can tell by their saunter, needless language and the spit in the face. But this only showed the BNP for their true selves as, after this spit, the gloves came off (literally) and everyone piled in for a huge street brawl! Obviously, the young guy should NOT have spat in Mr. Bailey’s face, but his reaction was a total disgrace. How can this man hope to represent a constituency of people when he reacts like this? Politicians are always being abused (verbally and physically) but they have to accept that as figureheads, they will be inline for this sort of attention.

The worst part was his entourage. Instead of trying to split the brawl up, the jumped in and started kicking and punching also! Absolutely, the three asian lads were so wrong and should be punished within the law, but so should Mr. Bailey and his cronies. Would David Cameron and his Torries kick off in the street?

American or Chinese tonight dear?

It’s an interesting thought. Are America still the worlds most powerful nation? Sorry, the questions should probably stand as: Are America still the dominant power they used to be?

It appears to me that the good ol’ US of A have a habit of interfering in other countries problems and issues. True, every now and again it is a good thing (the deposition of Saddam Hussein was a good thing, but maybe not for the right reasons) and even slightly more often, they actually achieve their goals (WW2, as they like to keep pointing out), but they do see themselves as the worlds righteous police department. But are they losing their touch when it comes to “persuading” others to agree with their views?

Take the whole Israel situation. Now, please correct me if I make any ignorant comments or suggestions, I’ve always been of the belief that America and Israel have a pretty close relationship. Lots of Jewish people lives in the states, America helped in the birth of Israel as a country and supported them in numerous ways (armed them to the teeth in the beginning if I’m not mistaken, along with other western countries) and this had forged a pretty solid relationship. However, it does seem that America gives a lot of political support (ie Gaza situation), asks for little (Israel to stop the illegal building in the West Bank)  and Israel totally ignores their requests.

North Korea – The 6 party talks are going fine, then someone suggests the DRPK representative picks up the tab for lunch and they storm off without a bye nor leave. Then follows some sabre rattling, with the US and South Korea making some demands and pull a few big show military maneuvers (yes I know they are a yearly thing, but hardly tactful given the circumstances) and North Korea detonotes a nuke and shoots off a few long range missiles, sorry, successfully launches a telecoms satellite into space. So, the rest of the world gets involved and whacks on some restrictions to Kim’s regime and the people suffer. To be honest though, most of the world is pretty tied up in the Middle East and Afghanistan to worry a great deal about North Korea (could be a bit of a silly move) and it’s mainly the States and South Korea trying to sort them out. But they go on, ignoring the powerful USA and the rest of the world (stubborn little mites aren’t they..) and stamping their feet. Once was the time “the Seals” would have been sent in, butchered some people and come out again declaring victory……

Iran – Oh dear….. Now we are talking about a country who is just TOTALLY spitting in the face of Uncle Sam. Never had a great relationship with the US (or Britain, or any country really come to that) but can you find a more argumentative, despotic, idiotic and down right annoying country than Iran. But I give them kudos, they are taking on “The Big Boys” of the world…… and some would say are winning. It seems you can’t read the news any more without hearing the Iran are planning on making a nuke, or are ignoring UN sanctions or kicking out inspectors. But the biggest headline I think, is the way they are so happy to slag off, insult and do everything they can to get America’s back-up. They say they are infidels, murderers, nothing but scum basically and still, America do nothing. Did Bush get confused when signing the declaration fo war on Iraq?? It’s only 1 letter difference W, was it a bit too complicated for you?

Still, my point is not to insult America (although it is fun!!) as I think their hearts are in the right place. Just a shame their brains appear to be out for lunch. But once was the time that America could simply ask a country to do something and they would comply. Now they seem to be looking to others to support their claims. Maybe it’s the school yard bully who, has been hit back by the geek once too often, now seeks back-up from the other pupils before he’ll start calling names. This is a good thing in my mind, as hopefully it will stop the shambles that was the Iraq war (yes, we Brits are also to blame for that) and the total travesty and balls up that was Vietnam.

But are we substituting one power house for another? China seems to be getting a lot of press these days on political issues that, before, would never really have got much input from them. As they are now becoming the biggest exporter of goods on the planet (unofficial as I haven’t checked, but everythings made in china these days), they now have a lot of clout. Will they have to adjust their non-interference policy?

Your thoughts and comments are more than welcome……

BNP on Question Time

I’m sitting here watching the BBC Question Time program. It’s caused so much contraversy due to the leader of the BNP being allowed to sit on the panel.

I’m trying really hard to give him a fair hearing, but when he makes comments about “British indiginous people being around for 17,000 years” I have to laugh!!! This man is, at the end of the day, representing our country in Europe. Considering the Celtic people came to Britain from France, followed by the Romans (Italian), then come the Germanic Anglo-Saxons, mixed with a few Scandinavian Vikings, then finishing with the Norman (French) invasion, I find it difficult to find where the indiginous british have gone!

He then is questioned about denying the holocaust. He only says he doesn’t deny it because of European law. Surely being part of the BRITISH National Party, he surely shouldn’t care what Europe thinks. I’m just disgusted that he didn’t come out and say that the holocaust happened. Who could ever say such a thing!?!?!

But with that in mind, he is the only one giving straight answers. True they are total rubbish, but the other politicians are skirting round questions and just frustrating me.

So it appears to me we have a choice: a straight shooting, complete idiotic, single minded bigot or underhanded, untrustworthy, self centred liars.

You’ve got to LOVE politics.

Super Obama

I’m British. I’m not English, I’m British. My mother is Scottish, my father is English, I’ve got family ties to Ireland and I love the lot of it.

However, I have to admit to feeling so excited and hopeful about the new President of the United States of Britain, sorry America (Still find it hard to accept the British Empire is no more. hehe), President Barak Obama.

Now, as much as the world hates to think it, the USA is in control of a whole heap of power when it comes to the world in general. It’s their banks that have caused this world wide credit crunch, their actions in Iraq and Afghanistan (our politicians wouldn’t have had the balls to do any of that without the Americans say so) that started the war on terror. Pretty much all aspects of our lives are in some way related to the states. It pains me to say it, but there you go.

But this guy Obama, wow, I’m feeling good. I don’t think a politician, regardless of his skin, party or words, has caused this much expectation and already, he’s delivering. He’s closing Guantanimo bay, he’s looking at the states fuel usage and pollution outputs to try and help greenhouse (something the previous powers wouldn’t even ADMIT was happening!!), he’s trying to build bridges in the Islamic world and middle east (apart from just bombing them), he’s pulling troops out of Iraq to let them try and govern themselves. This man has only been in power for a week or so and has already done more in that short time than Gordon Brown has done in months.

I truly believe this could be the turning point for the world. I don’t believe he is a war monger like W, or a spineless pussy like Clinton, but a man of moral fibre and so far, things are looking promising.

The American people also seem to be behind him. Normally you hear that the country is divided politically, but not so much now. From what I see, the only divide over Obama is a race issue (which America has a cancerous problem with anyway). The backing of the American people is a vital part of world peace in my opinion. As a democratic country, if they don’t support him, he’ll be out (no mention of W’s second term please). So his speech the other day when he commented on world issues and America’s need to relate and understand them is a majorly powerful sign.

Right now, America have every right to be the proudest nation because they have a leader who seems fair, just, honestly concerned not only with internal, but worldwide politics and also a HUGE sign that they are beating the cancer of racism in their country.

From your cousin across the pond, (albeit through gritted teeth) GO U.S.A!!!!