Con Air Causes Deep Thinking

So I’m sitting here watching the film……. God, I can’t believe I’m going to admit this……. Con Air………… And the biggest shock, not only am I enjoying it (I’m in the right frame of mind for mindless, action crap) but it’s also making me think.

So as you may or may not know, Nicholas Cage is the hero of the film. He gets sent down for murder 3 months before his daughter was born. The first few minutes of the film is a talk-over of his letters to her and vice versa (obviously once she was old enough to write) and this is the part that got me thinking.

I’ve spent a lot more time in the last few days with Shannon (my daughter) than usual (lack of training on my part) and it’s been wonderful. She’s becoming such a character and seems to be becoming a right little daddy’s girl.

And seeing this scene in the film got me wondering how I’d feel about hearing of my daughter growing up without me being there. Already in this 7 months I’ve watched her grow from being a crying, shitting, eating blob to a hilarious, inquisitive, intelligent child. So much has happened and it would break my heart to think of missing any of it. Hell, the first time she crawled, I missed it by 1 hour due to being at work (luckily my wife managed to film it for me) and I was devastated! Sod missing 10 years!

Still, you break the law……..

SS Solider Finally Convictedof Murder

I have always been of the opinion that if you do something wrong, you must be punished for it. only would you send this man to prison for life:

His name is Heinrich Boere and he was a member of the SS during the war. He has recently been found guilty of three murders in 1944. He was initially sentenced to death in 1949, albeit the trial occurred without him present. In the 1980’s, a German court ruled this to be an illegal trial as he wasn’t present. Lots of legal wrangling later, he’s finally been tried and found guilty.

He claims that he had no choice but to kill the 3 men (one a bicycle seller, one who helped Jews go into hiding and one a resistance fighter), or be shot himself by his Nazi superiors. The court did not buy this and he was found guilty.

When I first saw his picture, for a moment I felt sorry for him. An 88-year-old man being dragged through legal proceedings for something that happened over 65 years ago. He looks like someone’s kindly old granddad.

But then I remembered. I remembered every school history lesson. I remembered everything I learned about fascism and Nazism. I remembered every stupid, insane comments made by 1001 different racist b*****ds. I remembered every story I had ever heard about the treatment of people by the SS. I remembered learning about the Nazi war machine trampling Europe and it’s people, killing with little or no regard, invading, controlling, exterminating people like rats. How can I feel sorry for this man?

He claims he had no choice but to kill these men. Maybe so. I’m sure SS soldiers were not above the fanatical whims of their officers. But he DID have a choice about signing up for them in the first place. He DID have a choice about choosing to live his life according to Nazi belief’s.

He has been sentenced to Life In Prison for his crimes. It still remains unclear if he will serve his time, but I hope that he does. We have people on the run still for Nazi war crimes and also on the run for crimes during the Bosnian war. If we don’t punish these people, what message does that send to others? Time should be no factor where Justice is concerned.

Green Mile

Classic film I’m sure you’ll all agree. I’ve seen it several times but every time I fall asleep before the end!!!!! I’m just watching it now and hoping I make the distance when I started thinking.

John Coffey (the same as the drink but not spelt the same) was banged up and sentenced to death. But was he guilty?? (please don’t tell me incase I STILL don’t see the end) If yes, then fine, fry him. If not, what a miscarriage of justice!!! And this was what started the thinking. Could I survive prison or being accused of something I didn’t do?

I think prison would be horrible. True, our prisons seem like holiday camps compared to places like Thailand, but I’m still not sure I could handle it. But to think that I would have to handle incarceration KNOWING I was innocent would drive me to insanity.

You hear about prisoners committing suicide, but I’m not sure how someone could do that. If you’re innocent, there’s always hope. But that’s assuming you’re in a cushy cell like we have in the UK. Could I say the same if I was staying in a dank dungeon cell like they have in other countries.

Now I’m all for punishing those who deserve it, I believe our prison system is far too lenient and our prisons get wrapped in cotton wool when they need to be punished. But the problem is making sure all are guilty. Could you live with yourself for condemning someone to death or time in a dungeon, then finding out they’re innocent?

I guess that’s the arguement for capital punishment. All thoughts gratefully received!