Smoking Will Stunt Your Growth

I’m slacking on my current affairs!  Apparently, the toddler who smokes in Indonesia has given up thanks to a 30 day rehab programme. Bless, I’m glad the authorities in Indonesia help the people quit (obviously do bugger all to stop them starting in the first place)

A 2 YEAR OLD SMOKING!!!!!! I missed out on this one. Apparently, ITN broke the news back in May. How could I have missed this vital piece of journalism?! And how did they find out about this kid?

I’d like to say this was a set-up by the parents to get some well needed cash, but watching how the tubby piece of lard handles his smokes you can tell he’s obviously used to handling them. I’m a reformed smoker, but even in my day, I couldn’t flip my fag like a majorette baton like he is. Very impressive. Bet mummy and daddy are so proud of their little Chunk. For his next trick, he’ll do the “Truffle Shuffle”

But what are his parents thinking of? Surely in this day and age, even in remote villages in Indonesia, people know the health risks of smoking for adults, let alone 2 year old boys. I understand money is a desperate commodity for these people and they will do pretty much ANYTHING to get it, but can’t they see beyond that fact and look at what they are doing to their son? He’s hardly starving is he!!! Stop feeding the little porker and you might save a few rupiah people.