Noah vs The Council

My step-uncle is not only an amazing author of 3 books, but a word-smith with an apparent knack of telling it how it is. He was recently “bored” and decided to re-write the Bible and bring it into the modern era:

In the year of Our lord 2011, Noah was living above a former boatyard
in Caterham Town, along with his sons Ham, Shem and the other one
nobody can ever remember, when the Lord came unto him. “Noah, good
servant of mine.
Once again the world has become wicked and over populated. Build
another Ark and save two of every creature. Then gather around a few
good humans and prepare for the deluge to be visited upon the Earth in
six months. Here are the blueprints for the Ark”
Six months later God returned to Caterham, but there was no sign of
the Ark, just Noah sitting on his arse looking rather dejected in his
boatyard. “NOAH! Where’s the Ark? I’m about to start the rains.”
“Forgive me Lord but I needed a building permit, and these premises
were no longer licensed for boat construction. That took weeks to sort
out. Then the Inspector of Boats insisted I installed a sprinkler
system.(EU Directive 97/EC/1492BC); then the neighbours complained I’d
violated local by-laws by exceeding permitted height limitations, that
took another three weeks to sort out; then I had to source Gopher Wood
from the sustainable Forest of Dean. Don’t even mention the nightmare
I had about getting the animals-the trouble I’ve had with the RSPCA.
Then the Environmental Agency turned up. They want an Environmental
impact study on your proposed flood.”….”As for the crew.” Noah
continued. “I had the Racial Equality lot here last week demanding we
follow correct interviewing procedures, with the composition of the
crew reflecting diversity among all religious, cultural and ethnic
groups. Its doing my ‘ead in Lord!”
Suddenly the clouds rolled away, the sun came out and a glorious
rainbow stretched across the sky. Noah looked up in wonder scratching
his arse. “Lord does this mean you’re not going to destroy the world?”
“No I’m not.” said God. “The Government has already f**ked it for me.”

Certainly made me laugh!

Let me know what you think and please do check out his books. They are based on fact relating to Jews during World War II and the stories and details are brilliant. Amazing writing and truly moving. You can get the books here.

Muslim’s Protect Coptic Christian’s

I’m an avid Redditor. I discovered this site about 2 months ago AND LOVE IT! It has everything you can want on the web with jokes, pictures, videos, news and all posted by normal people.

I was having a flick through it Friday and came across a post from an Egyptian newspaper called Al-Ahram website entitled: Egypt’s Muslims attend Coptic Christmas Mass, serving as “Human Shields“.

Have a read……… Now re-read………. Now re-read AGAIN!

Now lets digest.

How many times do you pick up a western paper, website or news channel and see how Muslims and Christians are disagreeing, fighting, arguing with each other about something? I’m sure your brain has started hurting now calculating the numbers. Ok, try to find an article where they work together for a greater good than their religions or singular belief? No, I can’t think of many either.

Well here is one!

This story made my heart leap with joy! After the bombings of the Coptic Christian Churches in Alexandria before the New Year, the population of Muslims in Egypt promised to stand by the Coptic’s against the terrorist threat. The promise was kept when, according to the story, thousands of Muslims turned up at churches for Coptic Christmas eve services and held candle light vigils outside.

From the well-known to the unknown, Muslims had offered their bodies as “human shields” for last night’s mass, making a pledge to collectively fight the threat of Islamic militants and towards an Egypt free from sectarian strife

This is a story that can and should unite the world. These people recognised that, regardless of religious beliefs, their fellow countrymen needed solidarity. They saw that by standing together against these terrorists, they would win. If not, their country would be divided and fall.

We need to learn from this. These terrorists DO NOT represent Islam and 99.9% of Muslims in the world. The sooner the majority of the Western world learns this and stops labelling everyone from Muslim religions and countries terrorists, the sooner we can start working with them to a safer, peaceful world. And no, I’m not a Muslim, I’m a Catholic. But so much more important than that, I’m a human.

I went to church Sunday (not my normal thing, but we’re getting our daughter baptised) and the priest read a passage from the Gospel of Matthew (22:37-39):

And He said to him “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the great and foremost Commandment. The second is like it, You shall love your neighbour as yourself”

I don’t normally read and quote the bible, but this passage kind of says it all for me. Islam, Christianity and Judaism all worship the same God of Abraham, so all agree on the first commandment. The second is the important part for me. Basically, love each other. If we all worship the same God and he wants the same thing, why do we fight?

Ok, enough religion. I don’t know enough about it to write too much and my faith isn’t that strong in any case. But my faith in humanity is. Remember: United We Stand, Divided We Fall. Lets not let these bully’s decide our relationships with each other.

Final thought of the day: Why wasn’t this shown in Western media?

Kindness Vs Fairness

I work next door to a Baptist Church and in this church they have a little cafe bit where people can go and get sandwiches/crisps/drinks etc. all at reasonable prices and the sandwiches are always filled out nicely. As I was waiting for my change today, I did consider saying “put it in the charity pot” or something like that. But then I thought no (b*****d aren’t I?) I’m not that well off. But it did get me thinking……

Imagine, if you will, that there was no kindness in the world. No-one did anything for anybody for nothing, out of the kindness of their heart. Pretty sad place. Or is it? See, if we lived in a FAIR world, would we need kindness?

  • In a fair world, people would get paid a fair wage for a fair days work. So pretty much instantly, you wipe out slavery and people working in third world sweat shops will get paid a decent wage and therefore raise their living standards.
  • Corruption would be eradicated. No more fat-cat politicians sat in desperately poor countries soaking up all of the natural wealth. This would then mean more money for countries that need it for education/health/public services etc.
  • Resources would be shared fairly. So many countries in the world have natural resources, but almost none of them are shared equally. If everything were shared equally and fairly, for a fair price would be fine, the whole world could share in everything and want for nothing.
  • Famine would be all but a memory. True, fairness cannot compete with disease,weather or natural disasters, but as the world’s food would be shared and traded equally, the hit of such things wouldn’t be anywhere near as hard as it currently stands.
  • If all in the world is shared fairly, envy will be drastically reduced. Everyone should have their fair share and thus be content.

In my mind, the list can go on and on. Kindness is an amazing thing, but greed and envy will always hold a higher place in the human being, thus meaning people’s kindness will always be fighting a losing battle. Even out the playing field and everyone will be happy.

Can Religion and Science Co-Exist?

I’m having a running discussion today with a friend of mine regarding the relationship between God (in this discussion, Christian God) and Science. She is an avid Jehovah’s Witness, I am a Catholic although DEFINITELY more of a scientist than a religious believer.

Let me clarify our points of view:

She believe whole heartedly in the Bible, what it says and the teachings of her faith (which I truly admire, as I’ve said before). As such, she finds the idea of, for example, evolution to be something bordering offensive. God created man in His own image, so the idea we come from monkeys………..

I, on the other hand, believe completely in the theory of evolution (keeping with the same example). But I also believe in God. What I don’t believe in are the Bible stories of the likes of Adam & Eve etc. I believe God did create everything, but more along the lines of he started the ball rolling and left it to grow as it rolled.

For me, I can’t believe that the world was created in 7 days exactly how the Bible tells us. If there weren’t HUGE scientific evidence to the contrary proving our world is over 4 billion years old. The Bible tells us it’s around 6500 years old (circa 4500bc). We have evidence of the human race being around before that……

But I also have difficulty with science. Lets look at the big bang. Stephen Hawking is a total genius and I truly admire this man. His theories are sound, but there are holes. For example, what caused the big bang and what was there before it? How can the universe come from nothing? My answer here is God.

Then we have the PERFECT chain of events that lead to our existence. Lets forgo the big bang. It happened. But from that we have the fact that matter and anti-matter did NOT wipe each other out. Enough survived to create the universe (point 1). Then the fact that EXACTLY the right amount of elements formed together to create our sun (point 2). Then EXACTLY the right amount of material created our planet (point 3). Then the collision between early forming Earth and Theia happened at EXACTLY the right angle to create our moon (which I discovered last night, courtesy of Nat Geo, performs a HUGE part in our survival and overall existence(point 4)) and leave EXACTLY the right amount of iron to form our core and create our magnetic field (essential in our survival from solar radiation (point 5)).

I could continue on about the gravity needed to keep our atmosphere, then move on to the fluke that created the first life form…….. Could be here for a long, long time, but you get my point. Stephen Hawking himself said nothing in this universe is perfect, but this chain is………. un-naturally perfect. This I attest to God.

I believe God started it all. He caused the big bang and planned everything, but I believe he put everything in place and let it go….. Line those dominoes up, give the first one a flick and watch them all fall into place.

But I believe science is our way of understanding this and coming to terms with it all. No replacing God, not playing Him, but understanding him. If He didn’t intend us to learn and develop our intelligence, why give us free will and the ability to learn?

Luckily, my friend and I can agree to disagree, although she’s sending me some info which I’m happily going to read. Who knows, maybe it’ll change my mind 🙂

The Rabbi, The Priest and The Muslim

Time to get up on my religious soap box!

Just read this blog regarding a piece of art based from Spanish artist Eugenio Merino:

Now, the essence of this piece is at the bottom is a Muslim bent over praying, on his back is a Christian priest kneeling in prayer and standing on his shoulders is a rabbi praying. They all have prayer books, but not their own. The Rabbi has the Koran, Priest the Torah and the Muslim the bible.

To my mind, it’s a thought provoking piece. I look at it as the fact that all three religions worship the same God (true, through different paths) and this piece is simply showing that we are all aiming in the same direction. But, of course, people instantly look for who it will offend and in this day and age, who can blame them when cartoons are causing riots, the arrest of a nations leaders son cause for Jihad to be called against an entire country (yes, Mr. Gaddafi wants to destroy Switzerland! and simple comments can cause such outrage! Good job Monty Python created “Life of Brian” when they did, or the world would never have known such amazing comedy!

I’m not going to get into the debate already raging on the other blog on whether this piece is right, wrong, who it offends, how it offends and the like. I’m more interested in the essence behind the argument.

So where do we draw the line between insightful, artistic and genius creations meant to force us to contemplate life and probe at it’s very meaning and plain, down right insulting items meant for nothing more than to hurt and offend people?

Do we have to draw the line at all? What would happen to, say, the BNP (forgive me if you’re outside of Britain) if everyone who read their racist leaflets and thought “poor deluded fools”, threw them away and forgot all about the BNP? They’d cease to exist. These types of people who are out to hurt and offend feed off peoples reactions. If they don’t get a reaction, they will simple fade away.

We need to stop over-reacting to every little thing. Muslims need to stop calling for Jihad on everyone who disagrees with the Koran. Jews need to stop feeling the victim (yes, I know you have been for centuries) and thinking everyone is out to get them. Christians need to stop thinking they have all the answers and that they’re superior.

We should all just agree to disagree. Failing that, do away with religion TOTALLY! That way, no bugger is right or wrong.

Gaza pain

My god…….

I’ve just been watching Ross Kemp in Gaza. I like to think I have an understanding of the situation in Gaza but I never thought of the humanitarian situation there.

People are living in the destroyed shells of their homes, living on nothing, risking their lives everyday in shoddy tunnels to smuggle in essentials.

As with all wars, the small minority are causing misery and death for everyday people. I’m sure that 90% of normal people in Gaza and Israel would happily live in peace and find a medium ground.

But how can peace be achieved when death and fighting breed further anger and violence? One young girl saw Israeli soldiers kill her mother and father, saying her mother had half a head and her fathers brains left his head.

A 24 year old man, just qualified law from university, has become a suicide bomber to avenge his parents death. When asked why, he said “war creates war, peace creates peace”. How can someone who is obviously intelligent, not see the horrible irony in his statement. But I have to say, if I were in his position and knowing who killed my parents, I’m not sure I wouldn’t do something stupid too.

I’m not saying I’m now a support of Israel or Palestine, but I’m a supporter of life and people. I wish I held the answer. It’s so heartbreaking….. Just have to watch the Israel episode.

The root of it, in my mind, is religion. I honestly believe this world would be a much better place without God!!!! How much killing must be done in His name??

Irish Sharia Law??

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear……. I know the Irish have a sterotype in the UK if being stupid, but is this story on the BBC website proof??

It appears the Irish constitution protects all Christian beliefs. So obviously, in this day of religious and social understanding, the Irish have now introduced a Blasphemy law! €25,000 if you publically blasphem.

Now I know that Ireland is a deeply Christian (majorly catholic) country, and I’m all for protecting ones history and heritage, but I fail to see how punishing those with different beliefs to you is fair, right or Christian! Is this not the start of religious law? What’s next, prison for those working on a Sunday?

It also begs the question: if the Irish populous who support this law visit a country run by Sharia law would they abide by it? Break the law or offend God?